Are Fans Allowed At Nhl Games In Canada?

With the NHL season underway, many fans are wondering if they’ll be able to attend games in person. Here’s what you need to know about the NHL’s policies on fans in Canada.

Are Fans Allowed At Nhl Games In Canada?

NHL in Canada

With the NHL season in full swing, fans are wondering if they are allowed to attend games. The answer is yes, fans are allowed at NHL games in Canada. There are a few restrictions, however. Face coverings are mandatory for all fans in attendance and social distancing must be practiced.


The NHL in Canada has a long and storied history. The league was founded in 1917, and the first teams were all based in Canadian cities. The league has since expanded to include teams from the United States, but Canadian teams have always been a dominant force in the NHL.

Canadian fans have always been passionate about their hockey, and they continue to support their teams enthusiastically. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans have not been able to attend games in person since March 2020.

It is unclear when fans will be allowed back into arenas, but it is hoped that they will be able to return soon. In the meantime, Canadian fans can continue to support their teams by watching them on TV or streaming them online.


As of right now, fans are not allowed at NHL games in Canada. This is due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions that have been put in place in order to keep people safe. However, it is hoped that soon fans will be able to return to the arena and cheer on their favorite team once again.

NHL Fans in Canada

The NHL is the professional ice hockey league in North America, and it is made up of teams from the United States and Canada. If you are a fan of the NHL, you may be wondering if you are able to attend games if you live in Canada. The answer is yes! Fans are allowed at NHL games in Canada.

Who are they?

NHL fans in Canada are a passionate bunch. They love their hockey and they love their teams. But with the NHL season on hold, many fans are wondering if they’ll be able to see their team play in person this year.

The NHL has not yet released any information on fans attending games in Canada, but it is expected that they will make an announcement soon. In the meantime, fans can still watch their favorite teams play on TV or online.

What do they want?

NHL fans in Canada have been vocal in their displeasure with the league’s decision to not allow fans in attendance at games being played in Canadian markets this season.

The NHL has said that the decision was made in consultation with local health authorities and was based on the current pandemic situation.

Canadian fans have started a petition calling on the NHL to reconsider its decision and allow fans to attend games. The petition has gathered over 16,000 signatures so far.

NHL in Canada Today

The Teams

As the most ice hockey-crazy country in the world, it’s no surprise that Canada is home to seven NHL teams. Fans in Canada are passionate about their favourite teams and love attending games, especially when rivals are playing each other.

The seven Canadian teams are the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. All of these teams have a huge following in their respective cities and across the country.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, some NHL fans in Canada have been allowed to attend games this season. This is due to the fact that the NHL is classified as an essential service in Canada. However, attendance is limited and fans must follow strict social distancing guidelines.

The Fans

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the NHL to change the way they operate in order to protect the safety of their players, staff, and fans.

As a result, the NHL has made the decision to not allow fans at any games taking place in Canada for the foreseeable future.

This decision was made out of concern for the spread of the virus, as well as for the safety of those who may be at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19.

The NHL is hopeful that they will be able to allow fans back into Canadian arenas at some point in the future, but for now, they are focusing on keeping everyone safe.


After doing some research, it appears that the answer to this question is yes, fans are allowed at NHL games in Canada. There are some restrictions in place, however, such as the requirement that all fans must wear a face mask and maintain social distancing while in the arena.

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