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Find your favorite team’s schedule, standings, and stats. Get the latest news and information on Major League Baseball

Find Your Favorite Team’s Schedule

At AZ365 Baseball, we know that every fan has their favorite team And we want to help you follow them all season long! That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive schedule for every team in Major League Baseball

Just find your team in the list below and click on their schedule. You’ll be able to see when and where they’re Playing and even get ticket information so you can catch a game in person.

So what are you waiting for? Start following your favorite team today!

Get the latest baseball News

Get the latest baseball news, schedule, scores and stats for your favorite team

Find Out What Games are Playing Today

Whether you’re a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Seattle Mariners or any other MLB team, you can find their schedule right here on Az365 Baseball. We also provide game Times and Locations so you can plan your baseball-watching accordingly.

Check the Standings to See Who’s Winning

The standings show how each team is doing in their division and League. If you want to know who’s winning, check the standings.

Find Out How Your Team is Doing

If you’re a baseball fan then you know that there’s nothing like going to the ballpark to watch your favorite team play But what if you can’t make it to the game? Or what if you want to know how your team is doing even when they’re not playing?

That’s where Az365 Baseball comes in. We’re the ultimate resource for baseball fans and we’ve got everything you need to stay up-to-date on your favorite team – from scores and standings to schedules and tickets.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting started, Az365 Baseball is the place to be. So come on in and find out how your team is doing today!

Get Tickets to the Games You Want to See

Az365 Baseball is the perfect place to find your favorite team’s schedule and buy tickets to the games you want to see. We’ve got all of the Major League Baseball teams covered, so you can easily find the game you’re looking for.

Looking for something specific? Use our search function to narrow down your options by team, date, or location. Once you’ve found the perfect game buying tickets is easy – just choose how many you want and add them to your cart. We’ll take care of the rest!

Find Out Where to Watch the Games

00Think you can’t get enough baseball? We have some great news – now you can watch every game, all season long! With Az365 Baseball, you can find out where to watch the games, get exclusive access to highlights, and more.

So don’t wait – sign up now and catch every game!

Get baseball gear to Show Your Team Pride

Is your favorite team out of the playoffs? Worry not, baseball fans! There’s still plenty of time to catch them next season. In the meantime, gear up for next season with some new team apparel. show your team pride with a new hat, shirt, or jacket. You can even get a new baseball to autograph. Whatever your needs, Az365 Baseball has you covered.

Meet Other Baseball Fans

Az365 Baseball is the perfect place to meet other baseball fans and find out when your favorite team is playing. You can search for keywords like “team schedule” or “baseball fans” to find the perfect group of people to chat with about baseball.

Have Fun playing baseball Games

Az365 Baseball is the perfect place to find your favorite team’s schedule. You can also find information on how to purchase tickets, where to sit, and what time the game starts.

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