Can You Buy Vc In Wwe 2K19?

Can You Buy Vc In Wwe 2K19? – The Answer May Suprise You!

Buying VC

You can buy VC in WWE 2K19 through the in-game store with real money. There are a variety of things you can purchase with VC, including cosmetic items for your MyPlayer, buffs to help you earn more VC, and more. You can also earn VC by completing matches and challenges in the game.

How to buy VC

In order to purchase VC in WWE 2K19, simply select the “Get VC” icon on the main menu. Alternatively, you can press Up on the d-pad/analog stick from any screen while in MyCAREER mode. You will then be able to select the amount of VC that you’d like to buy,ranging from 500 VC to 10,000 VC.

What is the best way to buy VC

Most people will tell you that the best way to buy VC is through the in-game store. However, this can be a very expensive way to buy VC, and it can take a long time to save up enough money to buy the amount of VC that you want.

There are a few other ways that you can buy VC, such as through microtransactions or by using real money. However, these methods can be controversial, and some people feel that they are not the best ways to buy VC.

Using VC

You can buy VC in WWE 2K19 to accelerate your MyPlayer’s development. You’ll start with 500 VC, but can earn more by successfully completing matches and challenges, as well as by levelling up your MyPlayer. You can also purchase additional VC using real-world currency.

How to use VC

In WWE 2K19 there are a variety of ways you can spend your VC. You can use it to buy Superstars, Legends, entrance and ring gear, moves and abilities in MyCareer and MyWWE, boost your create-a-wrestler’s attributes in WWE Universe and more. You can also use VC to open Loot Cases, which is a new addition to WWE 2K19.

What is the best way to use VC

There is no one “best” way to use VC. However, many experts recommend using it sparingly, and only when you need to improve your player’s performance in a specific area.

For example, if you find that your player is struggling with their shooting, you may want to use some VC to upgrade their shooting attribute. Alternatively, if you want your player to be able to run faster, you could use VC to purchase a speed boost.

Remember that VC can be earned by playing the game as well, so don’t feel like you need to spend real money on it unless you want to.


Yes, you can buy VC in WWE 2K19. You can purchase VC through the in-game store, or you can buy it through the WWE 2K19 website. You can also earn VC by participating in online matches, or by purchasing the season pass.

Should you buy VC

The answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes or no. If you are someone who wants to unlock everything in the game as quickly as possible, then buying VC may be the best option for you. However, if you are content with taking your time and unlocking things gradually, then you may want to avoid spending real money on VC.

Is it worth it to buy VC

Some people view VC as a necessary evil in order to have the “full” 2K19 experience, while other gamers refuse to spend a single dime on it. like many things in WWE 2K19, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

So, is it worth it to buy VC in WWE 2K19? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

-You get what you want/need right away without having to grind for it
-You can save a lot of time by buying VC
-It’s an easy way to support the developers

-It can get expensive, especially if you’re buying multiple items
-You may not get exactly what you want/need, as some items are randomized
-It can take away from the enjoyment of the game if you’re relying on VC too much

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