Do NFL Players Get Paid During Training Camp?

It’s a common question for football fans: Do NFL players get paid during training camp? We did some research to find out the answer.


In the National Football League, training camp refers to the period each year when a team of professional football players gathers to practice in preparation for the upcoming season. During this time, teams will also play several exhibition or “pre-season” games to help evaluate players and fine-tune their game plans.

While most workers are entitled to receive pay for their time during training camp, NFL players are an exception. According to the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players’ union, players only begin to get paid once the regular season starts.

What is Training Camp?

Training camp is a period of preparation for the upcoming football season. Players report to camp several weeks before the season is set to begin and spend that time practicing and preparing for the grueling campaign ahead. During training camp, players will compete for starting spots on the roster and position themselves to make an impact on their team.

Players are not paid during training camp, but they do receive a daily stipend to cover the cost of meals and other expenses. The stipend is typically around $100 per day, but it can vary depending on the team. players are also given a place to stay during training camp, typically at a local hotel.

How Much Do Players Get Paid During Training Camp?

The simple answer to this question is that players do get paid during training camp, but not nearly as much as they do during the regular season. Training camp is essentially a preseason for the NFL, and as such, players are paid based on their base salary for the season.

For example, if a player has a base salary of $1 million for the season, he will make $58,823 during training camp. This amount is calculated by taking 3/17ths of the player’s base salary and adding any signing bonus money that he has earned. The total figure is then divided by the number of preseason games (4). Therefore, players make a little over $14,000 per game during training camp.

Compare this to the regular season, when players make their full base salaries plus any bonuses that they have earned. For example, if a player has a base salary of $1 million and played in all 16 regular season games, he would make a total of $1,163,000 for the year ($1 million + $163,000 in bonuses). This comes out to be $72,688 per game.

So as you can see, players do get paid during training camp but it is nowhere near as much as they make during the regular season.

What Happens if a Player Gets Injured During Training Camp?

If a player is injured during training camp, they may still receive their salary if they are able to prove that the injury occurred as a result of their participation in training camp activities. Otherwise, the player may be subject to a reduction in salary or even release from the team.

What are the Benefits of Training Camp?

Players receive many benefits from attending training camp. They are able to work with their team in order to improve their skills, learn new plays, and build team chemistry. Training camp also allows players to show off their talents to coaches and scouts in hopes of earning a spot on the 53-man roster. Furthermore, players receive a per diem to cover the cost of living expenses while they are away from home.


In conclusion, NFL players do not get paid during training camp. Training camp is a crucial time for players to prepare for the upcoming season, and they receive compensation in the form of a signing bonus and per diem payments. NFL teams also cover the cost of travel and lodging for players during training camp.

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