Do Starters Play In Preseason NFL Games?

Do starters play in preseason NFL games? It’s a common question among fans, and one that doesn’t have a simple answer. Here’s a look at the factors that go into the decision.


In the National Football League (NFL), preseason is the exhibition season that occurs prior to the regular season. The regular season is when games count towards a team’s record. During the preseason, NFL teams play exhibition games against other professional football teams. However, NFL teams generally do not use their starters in these games.

What is the Preseason?

The preseason is a four-week period in the National Football League (NFL) that takes place before the regular season. During the preseason, NFL teams play exhibition games against each other to prepare for the upcoming season. Although starters do not play in every preseason game, they typically see some action in order to get ready for the regular season.

Who Plays in the Preseason?

The NFL preseason is a time for coaches to get a look at their team’s younger players and decide which ones have what it takes to make the cut. But it’s also a time for veterans to shake off the rust and prepare for the regular season. So, do starters play in preseason NFL games?

The answer is yes and no. While some starters do see significant playing time in the preseason, others are held out entirely in order to avoid the risk of injury. It’s up to each individual coach to decide how much playing time his starters will get in the preseason.

For example, some coaches may elect to play their starters for a couple of series in each preseason game, while others may choose to sit them out entirely. It all depends on the coach’s philosophy and the team’s needs.

In general, starters will see more playing time in the first preseason game than they will in any of the subsequent games. This is because coaches want to get a good look at their starters early on so that they can make any necessary adjustments before the regular season begins. After the first game, however, coaches will begin to phase out their starters in favor of younger players who are fighting for a spot on the roster.

So, while you may see some starters play in all four preseason games, don’t be surprised if others sit out one or more games altogether. It all depends on the coaching staff’s plan for each individual player.

Why Do Starters Play in the Preseason?

While it may seem counterintuitive, there are a few reasons why NFL starters see playing time in the preseason. The first reason is that preseason games give coaches a chance to evaluate their team’s depth. It’s one thing to see how a player performs in practice, but it’s another thing to see how they perform under game conditions. Preseason games also give players a chance to get back into the groove of playing football after the long offseason.

For veterans, preseason games are an opportunity to work on their timing and execution with their teammates. For young players, it’s a chance to prove that they belong in the NFL. While starters don’t play the entire game, they usually see enough action to get a good feel for the game.

How Much Do Starters Play in the Preseason?

The National Football League’s exhibition season is underway, and football fans are wondering how much play the starters will see. In the past, it was common for starters to play into the third quarter of the first preseason game. However, that has changed in recent years.

Now, it is not uncommon for starters to play only a series or two in the first preseason game. This is especially true for veteran players who are not trying to prove anything to the coaching staff. For younger players or those who are trying to make the team, playing time may be more significant.

The second preseason game is often when starters see their most action. This is because coaches want to get a better evaluation of their starters against another team’s starting unit. For this reason, you may see starters play into the second half of the second preseason game.

The third preseason game is typically considered the dress rehearsal for the regular season. Starters usually play into the third quarter in this game as they would in a regular season game. This gives coaches one more opportunity to evaluate starters before final cuts are made and the regular season begins.


After doing some research, we have come to the conclusion that starters do not play in preseason NFL games. This is because coaches want to evaluate their team’s depth and find the best players for each position. They also want to avoid injuries, which are more likely to happen in games where starters are playing.

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