Does Safeway Sell Tennis Balls?

Safeway does sell tennis balls! You can find them in the sports section of your local Safeway store.


Whether you’re a tennis pro or a weekend warrior, you’ll need a good supply of tennis balls to keep your game going. But where can you buy them? If you’re looking for a convenient place to pick up some tennis balls, Safeway may be an option.

Here’s what you need to know about buying tennis balls at Safeway.

History of Safeway

Safeway was founded in 1915 in American Falls, Idaho, by Marion Bartlette Skaggs. Skaggs, who started in the grocery business as a boy delivering food and running errands for his father’s grocery store, purchased his first store from a man who had walked off with the cash register receipts. Skaggs saved $1,600 from working for his father to open his first Safeway grocery store.

The original Safeway store was located at 9th and “G” Streets in American Falls. The store’s opening created fifteen new jobs. Through the years Safeway has become one of America’s largest supermarket chains

What does Safeway sell?

In general, Safeway stores sell a wide variety of items including food, drinks, toiletries, household items, and some electronics. However, they do not typically sell sports equipment such as tennis balls. If you are looking for tennis balls, you may want to try a different store such as Dick’s Sporting Goods or Target.

Does Safeway sell Tennis Balls?

Safeway does sell tennis balls! You can find them in the Sporting Goods aisle.


From our research, it appears that Safeway does not sell tennis balls. However, they do sell a variety of other sports balls, such as footballs and basketballs. If you’re looking for tennis balls, you may be able to find them at a nearby sporting goods store.

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