How Do NBA Season Tickets Work?

Get the answer to the question, “How do NBA season tickets work?” Find out how to get season tickets, how much they cost, and what the benefits are.

How Do NBA Season Tickets Work?


An NBA season ticket grants the holder access to all home games played by a particular NBA team. The number of games may vary from year to year, as the NBA schedule is subject to change. Season tickets are typically sold on a per-seat basis, meaning that each ticket corresponds to a specific seat in the arena. However, some teams may offer season tickets that grant access to a general area rather than a specific seat.

Season tickets holders typically receive significant discounts off the price of individual game tickets, as well as other benefits such as early access to purchase playoff tickets and invitations to special events. In some cases, season ticket holders may also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to away games played by their team.

How NBA Season Tickets Work

If you’re a big fan of the NBA, you might be wondering how season tickets work. With an NBA season ticket, you’ll have access to all home games for your chosen team. You’ll also get priority access to tickets for playoff games and other special events. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed explanation of how NBA season tickets work.

Types of season tickets

There are three different types of season tickets: full season, half season, and mini plans.

A full season ticket gets you all 82 regular season games and any home playoff games. A half season ticket gets you 41 regular season games, but no guarantee of any playoff games. And a mini plan gets you between 10 and 40 flexible game tickets to use however you want.

The number of games in a mini plan depends on the team, but they’re typically for weekday games or less popular match-ups. So if you want to see the Warriors play the LeBron-less Lakers on a Tuesday night in December, that’s the type of game that would be included in a mini plan.

How to purchase season tickets

NBA season tickets are a hot commodity, with many people eager to get their hands on tickets to see their favorite team play. The process of purchasing season tickets can vary depending on the team, but there are some general steps that people can follow to get season tickets.

First, people interested in purchasing NBA season tickets should check with the team’s website to see if there is a waiting list. If there is a waiting list, people can put their name on the list and will be contacted when tickets become available. If there is not a waiting list, people can purchase tickets directly from the team’s website or box office.

Once people have secured their tickets, they will need to renew them each year in order to keep their seats. The process for renewing season tickets can also vary depending on the team, but it is generally done through the team’s website or ticket office.

Benefits of having season tickets

NBA season tickets are a great way to catch all the action of your favorite team live. While the price of season tickets can be pricey, there are a few benefits that may make the investment worth your while.

Benefits of having season tickets include:
-You have guaranteed seats to every home game.
-You can sell or give away tickets to games you cannot attend.
-You may be able to purchase playoff tickets before the general public.
-You often times receive discounts on merchandise and other benefits.


To sum it up, NBA season tickets are a great way to catch all the action of your favorite team. They offer many benefits and perks that make them worth the investment. Be sure to do your research and shop around to find the best deal on season tickets.

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