How Do Sports Feature Stories Differ From Sports News Stories?

The main distinction between a news story and a feature piece is that a news item must be published quickly. After an incident happens, media outlets seek to disseminate news pieces as soon as feasible. Feature articles, on the other hand, are less time-sensitive and do not include any critical information.

Similarly, What is the difference between a news report and a feature article?

The facts are reported in a news article: who, what, where, when, why, and how. It’s written in a simple, uncomplicated reporting manner. A feature article is a human interest tale about someone, something, or somewhere.

Also, it is asked, What is a news feature story?

A feature article is a news item that goes beyond the facts to convey a fascinating tale by weaving in a narrative. A feature piece varies from a hard news story in that it gives readers an in-depth look at a certain topic, current event, or place.

Secondly, What makes the characteristics of feature stories unique from the characteristics of news?

Feature articles blend facts and perspective while emphasizing the human interest aspect of the tale. While they can report news, the substance of the news is not the most important factor. Feature articles educate as well as amuse. They may have both vibrant detail and wit.

Also, How do you write a sports feature story?

Not everything is enjoyable. Make up a tale. Provide a startling statistic. Find a fresh way to say something familiar. Relate to a current event. Make a powerful statement. Confound conventional wisdom. Make an inquiry. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

People also ask, What’s the difference between a feature and a story?

A user narrative is a form of tale, and a feature is what everyone else calls an epic. Epics are divided into capabilities, which are further divided into features, which are further divided into user stories.

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How does a feature story differ from a straight news story?

Features. The style is the major distinction between a feature piece and a plain news story. A feature article is more in-depth than a standard hard news item, and it employs the same narrative techniques and elements as a book.

What are the characteristics of a feature story?

Feature pieces are detailed and descriptive. A strong narrative thread is common in feature pieces. Feature articles contain a compelling lead that entices readers to continue reading. Interviews are often used in feature pieces.

Why are feature stories so important?

A feature article is an excellent piece of written content. Features go beyond giving the most crucial information and are more in-depth than typical news items. These tales are intended to offer a thorough account of a location, person, concept, or organization.

What are the different types of features?

Feature Story Types in Journalism Featured in the news. A helpful feature. Sketches of Characters My Own Personal Experience Feature Story of Human Interest. Historical significance. Feature of Interpretation A well-known scientific feature.

Why is re writing significant?

The goal of feature writing is to build an emotional connection with the audience. It has the dual function of entertaining and enlightening the readers. However, they are less objective than traditional news.

Why do sports writers need to master the language of sports or sports lingo?

Simply said, if a writer feels unsure or puzzled about a subject, the reader is likely to be as well. Writers should be familiar with sports vocabulary and terminology in addition to background material.

What are the elements and types of sports stories?

5 Different Sports Stories Straight-forward game plot. The straight-lead (sometimes written straight-lede) game narrative is a straight-news item that is the most basic form of all sportswriting. Theme of the Game Profiles. Season Previews and Conclusions Columns.

What is a sport feature?

A sports feature could cover a test match between India and Pakistan, the World Cup, Wimbledon, Sunil Gavaskar or Steffi Graff, or trivia about a game or a person. A sports section provides information, news, and analysis about athletic events as well as the people who make them possible.

What is difference between Epic and feature?

Epics may be divided down into Features, which are smaller works of art. These are scaled or divided as needed to be delivered by Agile teams, and are based on the requirements and desires of customers or end users. Epics are a useful tool for organizing your work and establishing a hierarchy.

Which statement is true about features and stories?

Which of the following statements regarding Features and Stories is correct? Stories should be modest enough to fit inside an iteration, while features should be greater than an iteration.

What is a feature story in agile?

What is an Agile methodology feature? A feature is a service or function of a product that adds value to the company and meets the needs of the client. Because each feature is typically too large to be worked on directly, it is divided down into multiple user stories.

What are the different types of news stories?

Articles from newspapers The front page of a newspaper contains news reports. Feature pieces go further into the problems presented by news items. Editorials, editorials, and opinion pieces are written by “personality” writers, who are often famous in other industries.

What is the difference between articles and features?

The distinction between feature and article as nouns is that feature is a part or segment of anything attached to other parts, or in combination, making a structured set, while article is a part or segment of something joined to other parts, or in combination, forming a structured set.

What is news and feature writing?

The tone of the text is distinct. Traditional news pieces tend to paraphrase rather than present facts directly, but feature articles make extensive use of quotations and emotional clues, concentrating on demonstrating rather than telling the reader what’s going on.

What is an example of feature news?

For example, a news story may state that a town is witnessing a methamphetamine epidemic. It would start by giving information from local, state, or federal agencies, as well as treatment figures from local hospitals and drug counselors.

How are feature stories written?

A feature story, like most articles, has a set framework and outline. A title/headline, deck, introduction, body, and conclusion will always be included. A excellent feature piece places the narrative in context, making it more accessible and immediate to the reader.

What is feature example?

A feature is a component of the face, a trait, a unique attraction, an article, or a significant movie playing at a theater. A nose is an example of a feature. Freckles are an example of a feature. A guest speaker at an event is an example of a feature. A magazine cover story is an example of a feature.

What is the purpose of a news feature?

Your target audience should be persuaded, entertained, and informed by a feature story. A feature article is used to examine or discuss a certain subject of interest. It varies from a newspaper article in that it expresses the writer’s viewpoint.

What are the advantages of feature writing in newspaper?

News Feature is more effective than editorial, more entertaining than a column, and more instructive than news, according to a writer. Because readers of all groups read features with vigor, feature writers enjoy a level of popularity that no reporter, journalist, or columnist can match.

Why the characteristics of feature article are beneficial to us?

Feature pieces are meant to help readers comprehend and experience your tale. To do this, you must devote this time to fully fleshing out your tale and gaining a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Expert, topic, and critic quotes, for example.

What is feature writing explain major types of feature?

A feature story is a nonfiction narrative about current events. Soft news is a form of feature piece. The news feature and the human-interest tale are the two most common subtypes. The quality of writing distinguishes a feature article from other sorts of non-news.

Why is feature story considered an in depth news article?

“A feature story is a distinctive human interest narrative that isn’t directly related to a current news occurrence.” It concentrates on specific people, places, and events, and it delves into great depth about thoughts and ideas of relevance to a certain market.”

What is the meaning of sports news?

Sports journalism is a kind of reporting that focuses on athletic events and issues. sports journalism began in the early 1800s, when it was aimed for the upper crust, and has since evolved into an important element of the news industry, with specialized sports sections in newspapers.

What is the importance of sports lingo?

The significant terms used in the world of sports are referred to as sports terminology. It’s crucial to understand diverse sports jargon. This raises general understanding and allows people to get the most out of sports activities. It also motivates a number of individuals to enter the sphere of sports since they are more confident in their abilities.


Sports feature stories are like magazine articles that focus on a single sports event, athlete or team. Sports news stories are like newspaper articles that cover Multiple sports events, athletes and teams.

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Feature stories are usually shorter, more concise and less detailed than hard news. Sports feature stories typically focus on the individual athlete or team rather than the sport itself. Reference: difference between feature story and hard news.

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