How Do You Know What Size Tennis Racket You Need?

How Do You Know What Size Tennis Racket You Need? You’ve probably seen the overwhelming amount of choices in tennis rackets and may be wondering how to choose the right one.


Tennis racket size is based on two main criteria: height and power.

The size of the racket frame should be proportional to your height. The racket should also be matched to your playing style. If you have a powerful swing, you will need a racket with a larger head size to give you more hitting surface area. If you have a slower swing, you will need a racket with a smaller head size so that you can control the ball more easily.

The Three Main Types of Tennis Rackets

When choosing a tennis racket, it is important to first determine what playing style you have. There are three main types of playing styles: power player, baseline player, and all-court player. Depending on your playing style, you will need a different type of tennis racket. Power players need a heavier racket to generate more power, while baseline players need a lighter racket for more control. All-court players need a racket that is somewhere in between.

Power Tennis Rackets

Power tennis rackets are designed for beginner and intermediate players who want to increase their power. These rackets have a larger sweet spot and are more forgiving on off-center hits. They are also typically more lightweight, which makes them easier to swing. If you are just starting out, or if you want to increase your power, a power racket is a good choice.

Control Tennis Rackets

Control tennis rackets are designed for experienced players who have developed their own playing style. These rackets typically have a smaller sweet spot and a smaller head size, making them less forgiving on off-center hits. They also tend to be slightly heavier than power tennis rackets, giving players more control over their shots.If you’re an experienced player with a developed playing style, a control tennis racket may be the right choice for you.

Beginner Tennis Rackets

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to find a racket that is comfortable and easy to swing. You don’t need a lot of power or control, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end racket. Look for a racket that is lightweight and has a large head size. This will help you generate more power and keep the ball in play. You can find beginner tennis rackets made from graphite, aluminum, or steel.

Head sizes for beginner tennis rackets range from 98 square inches to 115 square inches. The larger the head size, the bigger the sweet spot (the area on the strings where you make contact with the ball). A bigger sweet spot means it is easier to hit the ball with power and control. But be careful – a racket with a very large head can be difficult to control, so it’s important to find a balance.

How to Measure Your Tennis Racket

When choosing a tennis racket, the most important consideration is grip size. The next most important consideration is the size of the racket. The size of the racket is represented by the length and width of the head. The length of the racket is measured from the top of the frame, where it meets the handle, to the bottom of the frame. The width of the racket is measured from the outer edge of the frame to the other outer edge of the frame.

Grip Size

The grip size of your tennis racket is one of the most important factors in choosing the right racket for you. If the grip is too small, you will have difficulty controlling the racket. If the grip is too large, you will have to put too much effort into every stroke to keep the ball in play. In order to find your ideal grip size, measure (in inches) the distance from the crease in your palm to the top of your ring finger. Use the chart below to find your Grip Size.

#####Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart
| 4″ | 4 1/2″ |
| ————————————————- | ————————————————— |
| Up to 4 3/16″ | 4 3/16″ – 4 7/16″ |
| 4 1/2″ – 4 13/16″ | 4 11/16″ – 5″ |

String Pattern

One major factor in choosing a racket is the string pattern, which is the number of main and cross strings on the racket. This can range from very open (16 x 19) to very dense (6 x 6). The more main and cross strings, the more contact points the ball has with the racket, giving you more control. If you are a beginner, it’s best to choose a racket with a denser string pattern. As you become more advanced, you can try out different string patterns to find what works best for your game.


The best way to figure out what size tennis racket you need is to try a few different sizes and see which one feels the most comfortable. It’s also important to take into account your skill level and playing style when choosing a racket size. If you’re a beginner, it’s generally best to start with a larger racket. If you’re an advanced player, you may prefer a smaller racket for more control. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a racket that feels good in your hand and helps you play your best tennis.

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