How Does Genius Sports Make Money?

Similarly, Is Genius sports profitable?

The consensus among the five industry experts following Genius Sports is that breakeven is approaching. They expect the business to make a last deficit in 2023 before turning a profit of US$69 million in 2024. As a result, the firm is expected to break even in around two years.

Also, it is asked, Is genius sports a good investment?

Genius is reasonably priced, and with a 26 percent CAGR in sales from 2020 to 2025, the firm is well positioned to outperform the market over the next 10 years.

Secondly, Is Genius sports a good company?

Genius Sports became a publicly traded firm in April 2021 after a SPAC merger. Revenue increased by 31% to $150 million in 2020, indicating robust growth. In contrast to its primary competitor Sportradar, which is mostly fueled by acquisitions, a large portion of its growth is organic.

Also, Is GENI stock a buy?

3 (50%) analysts suggest GENI as a Strong Buy, 2 (33.33%) analysts recommend GENI as a Buy, 1 (16.67%) analyst recommends GENI as a Hold, 0 (0%) analyst recommends GENI as a Sell, and 0 (0%) analyst recommends GENI as a Strong Sell. What is GENI’s expected profit increase from 2022 to 2024?

People also ask, Why is genius sports stock dropping?

Investors’ worries about the significant expenditures Genius will need to make to maintain and gain market dominance are a primary factor for the stock’s decline. The current EBITDA and sales expectations may ease such anxieties, but it will take time.

Related Questions and Answers

Who are genius sports competitors?

Genius Sports Group’s Top Competitors Sportradar. $579 million. 2,000 people. 699. $438 million. Sports Information Services 605. $129 million, according to Financial Express. 500. $105 million. SportsEngine. 3,000 people. $630 million. BetConstruct. 9892. $1 Billion, according to FactSet. 1,400 people. $300 million. International sports direct $4 billion. 29,400.

When did Geni go public?

Who founded genius sports?

Ballmer and co-founders Rajiv Maheswaran, Yu-Han Chang, and Jeff Su are among them. In April, Genius Sports went public. The Sports data and analytics company has a $4 billion market worth. Its stock ended at $19.55 in New York on Wednesday.

Is sportradar publicly traded?

Sportradar Group has gone public, with its initial public offering (IPO) priced at $27 per share, generating over $670 million and valuing the firm at $7.98 billion. “It’s tough to put into words how much it means.

How do I buy genius sports stock?

Compare share trading sites to learn how to acquire shares in Genius Sports. Use our comparison table to choose the best platform for you. Establish a brokerage account. Fill out an application with your information. Verify your payment information. Examine the stock. Invest now or later. Keep an eye on your money.

Will genius sports stock go up?

Genius Sports is a company that specializes in sports (NYSE:GENI) The consensus price target for Genius Sports Ltd from the 9 analysts that provide 12-month price projections is 10.50, with a high estimate of 17.00 and a low estimate of 5.00. The consensus estimate is up +165.82 percent from the previous price of 3.95.

Who is Mark Locke?

Mark Locke is the Co-Founder and CEO of Genius Sports, a worldwide leader in digital content, technology, and integrity services for sports. Genius has evolved to become one of the world’s leading sports data and technology firms under Mark’s leadership.

How much is Sportradar worth?

Sportradar, a sports data company located in Switzerland that supplies data to media and betting organizations, will go public via Horizon Acquisition Corp. II., a SPAC run by Los Angeles Dodgers minority owner Todd Boehly. Sportradar is valued at $10 billion, according to Sportico.

When did sportradar go public?

Sportradar, a worldwide sports data and broadcast solutions company, made its much anticipated debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange on September 14th, following through on its preparations to go public.

What is the target price for DKNG?

DraftKings Corporation (NASDAQ:DKNG) The consensus price target for DraftKings Inc among the 26 analysts that provide 12-month price projections is 31.50, with a high estimate of 79.00 and a low estimate of 18.00.

Who is Mark Cho in Locke and Key?

Mark Cho appears in Netflix’s Locke & Key as a character. Mark, a close friend and member of the Keepers of the Keys, does all he can to keep the location of the keys hidden after Rendell Locke’s death.

Is Sportradar profitable?

Following a 38.6% increase in sales, Sportradar announced a 52.2 percent gain in net profit for the fiscal year 2021.

Does FanDuel have stock?

Before I begin, keep in mind that FanDuel is not a publicly listed corporation. This implies you won’t be able to purchase FanDuel shares directly. Flutter Entertainment, on the other hand, holds a 95 percent share in FanDuel as of December 2020. You may indirectly purchase FanDuel stock by purchasing Flutter Entertainment stock.

How profitable is DraftKings?

Nonetheless, investors are concerned that the company will never be successful. DraftKings forecast $1.85 billion to $2 billion in revenue for 2022, which was in line with the consensus of $1.9 billion, but its estimated adjusted Ebitda loss of $825 million to $925 million was much higher than the expectation of $572 million.

Is DraftKings Buy Sell or Hold?

The consensus rating for DraftKings is Buy. The average rating score for the firm is 2.52, with 12 buy ratings, 11 hold ratings, and no sell recommendations.

How high will Penn National Gaming stock go?

Stock Price Prediction Penn National Gaming Inc has a consensus price target of 60.50 among the 18 analysts that provide 12-month price estimates, with a high estimate of 96.00 and a low estimate of 38.00. The median estimate reflects an increase of 60.43 percent over the previous price of 37.71.

Why can’t Dodge take the keys from the Lockes?

Dodge can’t take the keys without the Lockes’ approval since they are “faithful.” Because Dodge is not a Locke and does not obey the same rules, he is allowed to steal Sam’s keys.

Did Tyler and Dodge hook up?

Past this point, there are spoilers for Locke & Key. To make things worse, he meets a lady at the party who is the series’ villain, Dodge, as we, the viewer, know (Laysla De Oliveira). Then, in the following episode, “Dissection,” things become much worse when Tyler hooks up with Dodge in a vehicle while inebriated.

Is Sportradar a good stock to buy?

Financial Prospects for Sportradar This gives investors reason to expect it will continue to generate dependable revenues, laying a strong platform for future growth. From $131.1 billion last year, the Sports betting industry is predicted to expand to $179.3 billion by 2026.

Is FanDuel bigger than DraftKings?

In terms of market share, FanDuel is presently somewhat larger than DraftKings in the United States.

Is DraftKings or FanDuel better?

FanDuel’s maximum wins are somewhat higher than DraftKings’. On NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and college basketball wagers, they will both pay out up to $1 million. However, DraftKings will only pay out up to $250,000 in NHL and $500,000 in soccer, but FanDuel will pay out up to $1 million in both.

Which company owns FanDuel?

FanDuel / Parent company Flutter Entertainment

Is DraftKings losing money?

In the fourth quarter, DraftKings lost $326 million and had fewer subscribers than planned. Despite a solid increase in sales of 47 percent to $473 million in the final three months of 2021, the company lost money. The Super Bowl commercial blitz is anticipated to boost legalized sports betting even more.

How much is DraftKings taxed?

twenty-four percent

Does DraftKings have debt?

As losses mount, DraftKings stock continues to be burdened by new debt.

What is Nio price target?

NIO Corporation (NYSE:NIO) The consensus price target for NIO Inc from the 27 analysts that provide 12-month predictions is $30.93, with a high estimate of 82.96 and a low estimate of 23.08.

Is Palantir a buy Zacks?

Palantir Technologies Inc. is now awarded a Zacks Rank 3 on Zacks’ proprietary data, and we predict the PLTR shares to return in line with the market over the next several months.


Genius Sports is a company that provides statisticians to sports teams They are able to provide these statisticians because they have a large database of players, which they use to generate data.

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Genius Sports is a company that makes money through advertising and selling merchandise. Genius Sports has shareholders, such as Disney, ESPN, and Warner Bros , who own the majority of the company. Reference: genius sports shareholders.

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