How Many Days Until NFL Preseason 2021?

Find out how many days until the NFL Preseason 2021 begins so that you can start getting ready for some football!


The National Football League (NFL) preseason is an exhibition season that takes place prior to the start of the regular season. The length of the preseason has varied throughout the years, but it typically lasts between four and six weeks. The 2021 NFL preseason is scheduled to begin on August 5 and end on September 2.

How many days until NFL preseason 2021?

With the NFL regular season coming to an end, some fans are already wondering how many days until NFL preseason 2021. While the exact date has not yet been announced, it is typically held in late July or early August.

The NFL preseason is used to help coaches evaluate players and decide who will make the final cut for the regular season roster. It is also a time for players to get back into game shape after the long offseason.

While preseason games are not as important as regular season or playoff games, they are still highly anticipated by fans. Many fans use the preseason as a way to get a first look at new players and see how their favorite team is shaping up for the upcoming season.

So how many days until NFL preseason 2021? The answer may vary depending on when the exact date is announced, but it is safe to say that it is just a matter of weeks away. Are you ready for some football?

What will happen during NFL preseason 2021?

During NFL preseason 2021, each team will play four games. The games will be played between August 5 and September 2. The first game will be played on Thursday, August 5, and the last game will be played on Thursday, September 2.

The NFL preseason is a time for teams to experiment with their rosters and to get ready for the regular season. Preseason games do not count towards a team’s regular season record.


Preseason begins on August 5th and runs through August 29th. The regular season begins on September 9th.

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