How Much Do MLB Teams Pay For Baseballs?

How much do MLB teams pay for baseballs? It may surprise you to learn that the answer varies quite a bit from team to team. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how much each MLB team spends on baseballs, and whether or not there’s any correlation between spending and success on the field.


In baseball, the baseballs are removed from play after a certain number of pitches or after hitting the ground too hard. After each team’s allotted number of balls have been used, they must purchase new baseballs from the manufacturer. The cost of baseballs has risen in recent years, so MLB teams have had to budget more for this expense.

According to Forbes, the average MLB team spent $211,154 on baseballs in 2017. The New York Yankees had the highest expenses, at $316,978. The Los Angeles Dodgers were a close second, at $313,725. Interestingly, the Yankees and Dodgers also happened to be the two teams that made it to the World Series that year.

While some may see this as a coincidence, it’s worth noting that both teams play in large stadiums with long distances between home plate and the outfield fences. This means that there are more opportunities for balls to be hit for home runs, which generally require more pitches to be thrown. Additionally, both teams have strong lineups full of power hitters, which also tend to lead to more balls being hit for home runs.

So what does this all mean? It’s likely that the cost of baseballs will continue to rise as teams budget more for this expense. However, it’s also possible that teams will find ways to offset these costs by hitting more home runs and using fewer pitches overall.

How much does it cost to produce a baseball?

It costs MLB teams about $6 to produce a baseball. The actual cost of the raw materials is only about $0.15 per ball. The major cost components are the cost of the leather (the cowhide), the stitching thread, and the cork center. Rawlings, the exclusive supplier of baseballs to MLB, has a virtual monopoly on the production of baseballs.

How much do MLB teams pay for baseballs?

Baseballs are one of the most important pieces of equipment in baseball, and as such, they can be quite costly for teams to purchase. According to, the average price of a dozen baseballs is $72. That means that a team would have to spend close to $9,000 on baseballs for a season.

Of course, there are some teams that spend more on baseballs than others. The New York Yankees are notorious for spending big money on their team, and that includes their baseballs. The Yankees reportedly spend upwards of $10,000 on baseballs per season. That’s enough to buy nearly 140 dozen balls!

While the Yankees may be the team that spends the most on baseballs, they’re far from the only team that shelling out big bucks for their balls. The Boston Red Sox reportedly spend around $7,500 per season on baseballs, while the Philadelphia Phillies aren’t far behind at $7,000 per season.

How many baseballs are used in an MLB game?

On average, between 70-75 baseballs are used in an MLB game.

How often are baseballs replaced in an MLB game?

On average, between 70 and 75 baseballs are used in a professional game, resulting in about 3,000 balls per team per season. There are also 30 to 36 new balls generated for each game that are used during batting practice.


In conclusion, MLB teams pay for baseballs based on a number of factors. The most important factor is the quality of the baseball. The better the quality, the higher the price. Other factors that affect cost include the size and weight of the baseball, as well as the manufacturer.

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