How Much Do NBA Janitors Make a Year?

We all know that NBA players make a lot of money, but have you ever wondered how much the janitors make? Here’s a look at how much NBA janitors make a year.

NBA Janitors’ Salaries

As you may know, NBA janitors are responsible for cleaning up the arena after games. They also have to clean up during games, so they have to be very careful not to make too much noise. NBA janitors make an average of $35,000 a year.

How much do NBA janitors make a year?

Although we cannot speak for every NBA janitor, we can give you a rough estimate based on the average salary for janitors in general. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a janitor is $25,530 per year, or $12.26 per hour. However, this number will differ based on experience, education, and location. For example, janitors in New York City tend to make more money than those in other parts of the country. Additionally, some NBA janitors may make more money than the average because of their experience or education.

What is the average salary for an NBA janitor?

The average salary for an NBA janitor is $25,000 a year. This may seem like a relatively low salary, but it is actually on the higher end for janitorial positions. Janitors in the NBA typically have several years of experience and are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the arena and locker rooms. They may also be responsible for set-up and breakdown of equipment for games and practices.

NBA Janitors’ Duties

The National Basketball Association employs janitors to keep the arenas clean during and after games. In some cases, they are also responsible for setting up and breaking down the court. Janitors working for the NBA must be able to lift heavy objects and have experience using cleaning chemicals. They may also be responsible for other tasks, such as cleaning the locker rooms or handling customer service inquiries.

What are the duties of an NBA janitor?

An NBA janitor’s duties include sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the locker rooms, and bathrooms. They may also be responsible for setting up and breaking down equipment for events. Janitors typically work during the night so that they do not interfere with game days or practices.

What are the responsibilities of an NBA janitor?

The cleaning staff of any NBA arena has a huge responsibility. Not only do they have to keep the court clean, they also have to make sure the bathrooms are presentable and the concessions area is spotless. In short, they have to help make sure that every fan who comes to the arena has a positive experience.

Of course, the cleaning staff does more than just tidy up before and after games. They also have to do things like sweeping up broken glass, mopping up spills, and removing trash from the stands. In other words, they play an important role in keeping the arena safe for everyone.

So, how much do NBA janitors make a year? That’s a difficult question to answer because salaries can vary widely depending on factors like experience and location. However, according to Glassdoor, the average salary for an arena janitor is $29,873 per year.

NBA Janitors’ Work Schedule

NBA janitors work long hours during the season to make sure the arenas are clean and presentable for games and other events. They typically work overnight shifts and are on call for games and events. during the off season, they may have more regular hours. Let’s take a look at a typical NBA janitor’s work schedule.

What is the work schedule of an NBA janitor?

The work schedule of an NBA janitor is very demanding. They typically work long hours, often overnight, and on weekends. They may also be required to travel to away games.

What are the hours of an NBA janitor?

NBA janitors typically work during the regular season, which runs from October to April. They often work extended hours during home games and may be required to work on weekends. Some janitors may also be required to work during the playoffs, which run from April to June.

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