How Much Does an NFL Cheerleader Make?

How much does an NFL cheerleader make? We’ll tell you all about the pay, benefits, and requirements for being a professional cheerleader in the NFL.


We’ve all seen them on the sidelines, cheering on their teams and looking gorgeous while they do it. But have you ever wondered how much an NFL cheerleader actually makes?

It turns out that the answer is a bit complicated. While some cheerleaders do make a decent wage, others are paid next to nothing. And in some cases, cheerleaders have even been required to pay their own expenses!

So exactly how much does an NFL cheerleader make? Let’s take a look.

How much do NFL cheerleaders make?

According to Business Insider, the average NFL cheerleader makes about $150 per game, and $50-$100 per appearance. Cheerleaders also receive a stipend for attending practice sessions during the week. So, if you’re wondering how much an NFL cheerleader makes, now you know!

Per game

While it varies from team to team, the average NFL cheerleader makes $150 per game, or $1,700 per season. That may not sound like much, but when you factor in the other income cheerleaders bring in, their salary is much higher. For example, the average base pay for a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is $50 per game. But these women also earn income from personal appearances and merchandise sales. In total, a Cowboys cheerleader could make as much as $200 per game.

Per hour

The average NFL cheerleader salary is $150 per game or $3,000 per season. Cheerleaders do not receive any benefits, and they are responsible for paying their own travel expenses to and from games.

Per year

NFL cheerleaders make an average of $150 per game, or $1,950 per season. This includes a base salary of $50 to $100 per game, which is determined by the team’s budget and the number of home games. Cheerleaders also receive a percentage of any appearance fees that their team may charge for public events and photo shoots.

How do NFL cheerleaders make money?

NFL cheerleaders make money through a variety of sources. They make a base salary, but they also receive money for appearing at events, participating in photoshoots, and making personal appearances. In addition, they may also receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of team merchandise.

Ticket sales

One of the ways that NFL cheerleaders make money is through ticket sales. For every ticket that they sell, they receive a commission. In addition, they also receive a percentage of the revenue from concessions and merchandise sales.


Endorsements are a huge way that NFL Cheerleaders make money. They are often signed with beauty, dance, or clothing companies. Many will also sign personal appearance contracts. For these deals, the cheerleader is paid to show up to events and parties in order to market the product. This could be anything from attending a clothing launch to hosting a pool party.

In addition to these one-time endorsement deals, some cheerleaders also earn a commission on sales. For example, if they are an ambassador for a fitness company and help promote workout gear, they may earn a percentage of every item that is sold using their code or link.

Personal appearances

In addition to their regular job cheering at games and other events, NFL cheerleaders often make paid appearances at promotional events, conventions, and other private gatherings. These appearances typically involve personal meet-and-greets, photo ops, and autograph signings. According to Forbes, the average cheerleader makes $500-$700 per appearance.


While it may seem like NFL cheerleaders make a lot of money, they actually make significantly less than the minimum wage. In some cases, they make less than $100 per game. Additionally, they are often required to pay for their own uniforms and travel expenses.

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