How Much Is A NFL Ticket?

How Much Is A NFL Ticket?
The average NFL ticket costs $93.00.
However, ticket prices can range from $30.00 to $500.00 or more.
It all depends on the team, the game, and the location of the seats.

How Much Does the Average NFL Ticket Cost?

NFL ticket prices have seen a slight decrease in recent years, but they remain some of the most expensive in all of sports. The average price of an NFL ticket during the 2018 season was $106, down from $110 in 2017 and $121 in 2016.

Prices will vary depending on the team, the location of the seat, and when the tickets are purchased. Tickets for marquee games (like the Super Bowl) and popular teams (like the New England Patriots) will always be more expensive than tickets for less popular teams and games.

There are a few ways to get cheaper NFL tickets. Many companies offer discounts for employees of certain businesses, and there are also military discounts available. It’s also worth checking out ticket resellers like StubHub or SeatGeek, which often have lower prices than the official NFL ticket website.

How Much Do NFL Tickets Cost by Team?

How much does it cost to see an NFL game in person? Below we’ve listed the average cost of an NFL ticket for each team, as well as the league average price. You can also check out our infographic at the bottom of the page for a cost comparison of all 32 teams.

NFL Ticket Prices by Team
Arizona Cardinals – $122
Atlanta Falcons – $154
Baltimore Ravens – $149
Buffalo Bills – $110
Carolina Panthers – $131
Chicago Bears – $138
Cincinnati Bengals – $116
Cleveland Browns – $98
Dallas Cowboys – $172
Denver Broncos- $155
Detroit Lions – $133
Green Bay Packers -$142
Houston Texans- $135
Indianapolis Colts- $117
Jacksonville Jaguars- $102
Kansas City Chiefs- $144
Los Angeles (LA) Chargers- $122 Los Angeles (LA) Rams- $139 Miami Dolphins- $141 Minnesota Vikings- $142 New England Patriots- $129 New Orleans Saints- $157 New York (NY) Giants-$141 New York (NY) Jets-$123 Oakland Raiders.- cancerous lump-$130 Philadelphia Eagles.- gregarious-$162 Pittsburgh Steelers.- frothy sputum-$148 San Francisco 49ers.$133 Seattle Seahawks.$164 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.$120 Tennessee Titans.$125 Washington Redskins.$135 NFL Average Ticket Price: $139

How Much Do NFL Tickets Cost by Seat?

Prices for NFL tickets vary depending on the seat location. The price also depends on whether the game is a regular season or playoff game. Below is a breakdown of average ticket prices by seat location.

-Upper Level End Zone: $43
-Upper Level Corner: $56
-Upper Level Sideline: $85
-Lower Level End Zone: $103
-Lower Level Corner: $119
-Lower Level Sideline: $131

How Much Do NFL Tickets Cost by Game?

NFL ticket prices vary depending on the game. Pre-season NFL tickets are usually the cheapest, with prices ranging from $6 to $85. Regular season NFL tickets are usually more expensive, with prices ranging from $12 to $1,300. The most expensive NFL tickets are for the Super Bowl, with prices reaching up to $5,000.

How to Get Cheap NFL Tickets

The National Football League regular season typically runs from September to December, with each team playing 16 games. Playoffs follow in January, and the championship game, the Super Bowl, is played in February. If you’re hoping to catch a game live and in person, you’ll need to know how much NFL tickets cost.

NFL ticket prices are set by the team and vary based on game, seating location, and demand. Tickets for high-profile games (such as the Super Bowl) or popular teams (like the Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers) will be more expensive than tickets for less popular teams or games.

You can find NFL tickets for sale on many websites, including official team websites and resale sites like StubHub. You can also sometimes find cheap NFL tickets by contacting the team directly or waiting until closer to the date of the game you want to attend.

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