How to Dry Out Baseball Glove?

Drying out your baseball glove is important to prevent it from developing mold and mildew. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it.

How to Dry Out Baseball Glove?


Drying out a baseball glove is a process that should be done annually to keep the glove in top playing condition. There are two methods for drying out a baseball glove: the first is to stuff the glove with newspaper and the second is to use a fan.

The Drying Process

Baseball gloves can become quite wet during play, which can make them difficult to grip the ball. If you’re having trouble with your baseball glove, you can try drying it out. There are a few different ways to dry out a baseball glove. You can use a towel, a hairdryer, or place it in a well-ventilated area.

Hang the glove upside down

Hang the glove upside down from a clothesline or some other sturdy object. Use a string or leather strap to secure the glove in place, and make sure that the glove is not hanging too close to any heat source. Heat will cause the leather to dry out too quickly and will make it more likely to crack.

Use a ball

Start by forming the ball out of the provided stitching. Once the ball is complete, insert it into the glove and begin working it into the desired shape. After a few days of use, you will notice that the ball will begin to mold to the contours of your glove, and this is when you will start to see results.

Once you have used the ball to form your glove, begin the drying process by inserting a hand towel or cotton sheet into the glove. Then, place the glove on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry for 24 hours. Repeat this process until the glove is completely dry.

Use a glove dryer

A quick and easy way to dry out your baseball glove is to use a glove dryer. These devices are designed to circulate warm air around your glove, helping to speed up the drying process. Many glove dryers also have dehumidifying capabilities, which can further help to reduce the amount of moisture in your glove.

If you do not have a glove dryer, you can also use a standard household hair dryer to dry out your glove. Simply set the hair dryer to its lowest setting and hold it about 6 inches away from your glove. Move the hair dryer around your glove so that all areas of the glove are exposed to the warm air.

Another option for drying out your baseball glove is to place it in front of a fan. Turn the fan on to its highest setting and position your glove so that it is within range of the airflow. Let the fan run for several hours or overnight to help dry out your glove.

The Oiling Process

Baseball gloves need to be oiled in order to keep them in good condition. The oiling process helps to preserve the leather and keeps the glove supple. It is important to oil your glove regularly in order to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

Choose the right oil

Oiling a baseball glove is essential to keeping it performing at its best. There are a few different types of oil you can use, but it’s important to choose the right one for your glove.

Oil will help keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking. It will also help the glove keep its shape and maintain its structure.

There are a few different types of oil you can use on a baseball glove:

Neatsfoot oil: This is the most common type of oil used on baseball gloves. It’s made from cow feet and helps to soften and preserve leather.

Dubbin: Dubbin is a thicker form of neatsfoot oil that helps to waterproof gloves. It’s often used on work gloves or hunting gloves, but can be used on baseball gloves as well.

Mink oil: Mink oil is another common type of glove oil. It’s made from mink fat and helps to soften, waterproof, and protect leather.

Linseed oil: Linseed oil is made from flax seeds and is used as a preservative for leather. It can help prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

Apply the oil

Assuming you have already purchased your oil, the next step is to apply the oil to your glove. Many people recommend using a cotton ball or a soft rag for this process. It is important that you do not use too much oil, as this can make the glove hard and difficult to break in. Instead, apply a light layer of oil and work it into the leather. Once you have applied the oil, it is important to let it sit for at least an hour so that it can be absorbed fully by the leather.


After you have played with your baseball glove for some time, you will undoubtedly notice that it will become wet from the sweat on your hand. If you do not take the proper steps to dry out your baseball glove, it will develop a musty smell and can become hard and brittle. Here are some steps you can take to dry out your baseball glove and keep it in good condition.

1. Remove any loose dirt or debris from the glove with a brush.
2. Wipe down the inside of the glove with a clean, dry cloth.
3. Place the baseball glove in a well-ventilated area to air out.
4. Once the glove is dry, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to it to keep the leather soft and pliable.

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