How To Increase Arm Strength For Baseball Outfielders?

Check out these tips on how to increase arm strength for baseball outfielders. These tips will help you improve your throwing power and accuracy.


While most people focus on increasing fastball velocity when they think about increasing arm strength for baseball outfielders, there’s more to it than that. If you want to increase arm strength for baseball outfielders, you need to focus on improving the following three areas:

-The muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint
-The muscles that power the arm
-The connective tissue that links the arm to the body

Exercises to Improve Arm Strength

Whether you’re just starting out in baseball or you’re a seasoned veteran, arm strength is always important. As an outfielder, you need to have a strong arm to be able to make long throws to the infield. Here are some exercises that you can do to improve your arm strength.

Medicine Ball Throws

One of the best ways to improve arm strength for baseball is by doing medicine ball throws. This type of training helps to build up the muscles in the shoulders, arms, and chest. It also helps to improve your rotator cuff muscles and increase your range of motion.

To do medicine ball throws, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a medicine ball in both hands in front of your chest.aggerated scapular retraction (squeezing your shoulder blades together). Next, explosively throw the ball as far as you can. Be sure to follow through with your throw and end with your hands above your head.

Resistance Band Work

One of the most effective and versatile tools for increasing arm strength is the humble resistance band. While light weights are good for endurance training, resistance bands can help you build muscle tissue specifically in the areas you need it most.

There are a variety of ways to use resistance bands to increase arm strength. One common method is to attach the band to a sturdy object at shoulder height and stand with your back to the object. Grasp the band with your hand and extend your arm out to the side, keeping your elbow close to your body. Slowly release the tension on the band and allow your arm to return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times per set, and perform 3 sets per session.

Weighted Sled Drags

A weighted sled drag is a great way to improve arm strength for baseball outfielders. By straps attached to a sled loaded with weight, the athlete drags the sled for a set distance. This exercise can be performed with a partner or alone.

To perform this exercise, turf or a track are the best surfaces to use. The weight of the sled should be heavy enough to create resistance, but not so heavy that it is difficult to move. A good starting weight is 10-20% of the athlete’s bodyweight.

The distance of the drag can vary based on the weight of the sled and the level of the athlete. A good starting distance is 30 yards for light weights and 50 yards for heavier weights.

Proper Training Technique

Outfielders need to have strong arms to make long throws to the infield, so proper training is essential. Here are some tips on how to increase arm strength for baseball outfielders.

The Importance of Proper Form

In order to properly throw a baseball, outfielders must have good form. Proper form starts with the legs and works its way up the body. The back foot should be planted on the ground with the weight evenly distributed. The front foot should be slightly ahead of the back foot, and the knees should be bent. The chest should be up and the shoulders should be level. The throwing arm should be in line with the body, and the glove arm should be across the chest. The elbow of the glove arm should be pointing out to the side, and the palm of the hand should be up. The ball should be held in front of the body with the fingers pointed down. As you release the ball, snap your wrist and follow through with your arm.

The Right Amount of Weight

One common misconception is that the more weight you lift, the stronger your arms will become. While it is true that lifting weights will help increase your arm strength, it is important to lifted the right amount of weight. Lifting too much weight can actually do more harm than good. When lifting weights, you should only use enough weight to fatigue your muscles after 12-15 repetitions. This will help prevent any injuries and still allow your muscles to grow stronger.


To increase arm strength for baseball outfielders, a few key areas must be focused on during training. These would include specific exercises for the shoulder, elbow and forearm muscles, as well as plyometric and weight training exercises. A well-rounded routine that covers all of these areas will help to maximize arm strength and prevent injury.

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