How To Listen To Razorback Baseball On Your Mobile Device

Looking to catch every Arkansas Razorbacks baseball game this season? Here’s how to listen to every game on your mobile device!


Razorback baseball fans can listen to every game on their mobile device by downloading the TuneIn app and subscribing to the Razorback Sports Network. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

What you’ll need

In order to listen to Razorback baseball on your mobile device, you will need the following:
-a mobile device with internet capabilities
-a compatible web browser
-an account with a reputable online streaming service

Step One: Download the TuneIn Radio App

TuneIn Radio is a free app that you can download on your mobile device. Once you have installed the app, open it and search for “Arkansas Sports Network”. When the results come up, select the “Arkansas Sports Network” option.

Open the App Store on your device

Once you have found the TuneIn Radio App, tap “GET” then “INSTALL.” The app will now begin downloading onto your device.

Search for “TuneIn Radio”

If you have not already downloaded the TuneIn Radio App, start by searching for “TuneIn Radio” in your App Store. The icon for the TuneIn Radio app is shown below.

Install the app

1. Search for “TuneIn Radio” in the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices).
2. Tap “GET” (for iOS devices) or “Install” (for Android devices).
3. Once the app has finished downloading, open it and search for “Arkansas Sports Network”.
4. Tap on the result to begin listening to Razorback baseball!

Step Two: Find the Arkansas Razorbacks Station

The Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team can be heard on any radio station that is part of the Arkansas Razorbacks Sports Network. There are a number of ways to find the station that is right for you.

Open the TuneIn Radio app

1. Open the TuneIn Radio app.
2. Search for “Arkansas Razorbacks.”
3. Tap on the “Arkansas Razorbacks” station.
4. Tap the “Play” button to start listening.

Search for “Arkansas Razorbacks”

Tap the “Search” icon in the bottom right corner of the home screen and type “Arkansas Razorbacks.” Doing so will prompt a list of stations that match your search to pop up.

Tap on the station to start listening

To listen to Razorback Baseball on your mobile device, you will need to find the Arkansas Razorbacks station. The easiest way to do this is to open the TuneIn app and search for “Arkansas Razorbacks.”

Once you have found the station, tap on it to start listening. You can also add the station to your Favorites so that you can easily find it in the future.


We hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to listen to Razorback baseball on your mobile device. There are a few different ways to do this, so be sure to try out a few and see which one works best for you. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the game!

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