How to Make a Baseball Shadow Box

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably have a few favorite memorabilia items that you’ve collected over the years. Why not display them proudly in a shadow box? Here’s how to make your own baseball shadow box.


To make a baseball shadow box, you’ll need a deep frame, a piece of cardboard, batting, black paper, white glue, a ruler, a utility knife, and clear tape. You’ll also need a baseball, a piece of twine, and a pen.


You will need a basic wooden box. You can find these at most craft stores, such as Michaels. The size of the box will depend on how many items you want to display. A small box (6-8 inches) will be sufficient for a few items, while a larger box (12-14 inches) will be better for a larger number of items.


-One 12x12-inch piece of glass
-Nine 3x5-inch pieces of cardstock
-One 8x10-inch piece of photo paper
-One 12x18-inch piece of poster board
-One 9x12-inch piece of construction paper
Baseball Shadow Box Step One: Place the glass on the construction paper and trace around it. Cut out the traced circle. This will be the background for your baseball shadow box.

Step Two: Place the poster board on top of the photo paper and trace around it. Cut out the traced rectangle. This will be the frame for your baseball shadow box.

Step Three: Place the nine pieces of cardstock in a 3x3 grid on top of the background circle. Tape them in place. These will be your baseball shadow box team cards.

Step Four: Place the frame rectangle on top of the background circle, centering it over the taped cardstock pieces. Tape it in place. Be sure all four corners are securely taped. Now your baseball shadow box is complete!


Memorabilia: You’ll need some memorabilia to put in your box. This could be things like a ticket stub from a game you went to, a baseball card of your favorite player, or a photograph of you or someone else at a game. Get creative! Anything that would help to tell the story of your love for baseball would be great.

Shadow box: You’ll need a shadow box to put your memorabilia in. These can be found at craft stores, frame shops, or online. Make sure to get one that is big enough to fit everything you want to put in it.

Acid-free matting: You’ll need some acid-free matting to go around your memorabilia. This matting will help to protect your items from damage over time.

Archival-quality frame: Once you have everything matted and in your shadow box, you’ll need to find an archival-quality frame to put it in. This type of frame will help to protect yourshadow box from damage and keep everything looking great for years to come.


A baseball shadow box is a three-dimensional display case that is used to show off a baseball player’s memorabilia, such as a baseball, glove, cleats, and other items. It is a creative way to display your love for the game and the player. If you are a baseball fan, or if you know someone who is, here are the steps on how to make a baseball shadow box.

Choose a box

A baseball shadow box is a three-dimensional display of a baseball player’s souvenirs. These items can include a jersey, baseball cards, autographed baseballs, and other keepsakes. The best way to protect and display these items is to create a custom-made baseball shadow box.

There are two main types of boxes you can use for your project:
-an open-faced box with no glass or
-a glass-enclosed box.

The type of box you choose will depend on the number of items you have and how you want to display them. For example, if you have a small number of items, you may want to choose an open-faced box so that everything can be seen at once. If you have a larger number of items or if you want to create a more formal display, you may want to choose a glass-enclosed box.

Once you have decided on the type of box you want to use, it’s time to choose the perfect size. The size of the shadow box should be proportional to the size of the items inside. For example, if you are displaying a full-sized jersey, you will need a large shadow box. If you are only displaying a few baseball cards, a small shadow box will suffice.

Place the baseball in the center of the box

Assuming you want to make a baseball shadow box, the first step is to find a suitable box. You can use a shoebox, a jewelry box, or even a small picture frame. Once you have your box, you need to decide on the layout. Do you want to display the baseball on its own, or do you want to add other elements like pictures or memorabilia?

Once you have your layout planned, it’s time to start adding elements to the box. If you’re using a shoebox, you’ll need to cut a hole in the top for the baseball to sit in. If you’re using a picture frame, you can just set the baseball in the center of the frame. Once the baseball is in place, you can start adding other elements around it. Pictures, tickets, and other mementos can all be added to create a unique and personalShadow Box.

Place the memorabilia around the baseball

Carefully place the baseball on top of the shredded paper. Place the batting helmet off to the side of the baseball. Try to position the baseball so that it is not completely obscuring the autograph. Arrange the other items around the baseball, making sure that they will all fit within the frame. Once you are happy with the layout, gently pick up each item and glue it into place. Be sure to use enough glue to keep everything secure, but don’t go overboard or your memorabilia will be difficult to remove later if you ever need to access it.


A baseball shadow box is a wonderful way to preserve your favorite baseball memories. Whether it is a autographed baseball, a game used baseball, or just a baseball from your child’s first T-Ball game, a shadow box is a great way to keep the baseball safe and also be able to display it in your home.

Make sure the box is big enough

The first step is to make sure the box you use is big enough. You don’t want the items in your box to be crammed in, so pick a size that will give everything plenty of room. You can always add additional items later, but it’s better to start with a box that’s too big than too small.

Once you have the perfect box, it’s time to start filling it with all your favorite baseball memorabilia. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can put in your shadow box, but some ideas include:

-Tickets from important games
-A baseball from a game you attended
-A signed baseball from your favorite player
-A photograph of you at a game
-A program from a game

Be creative with the placement of the memorabilia

Be creative with the placement of the memorabilia. Arrange it so that it tells a story. For example, if you have a baseball from a key game, put it in the center of the box. Then, surround it with other items that relate to that game, such as ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, or photos.

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