How To Make A Baseball Wreath With Real Baseballs

Make a baseball wreath with real baseballs to show your team spirit all year long! This wreath is easy to make and is a great addition to any baseball fan’s home decor.


You will need the following materials to make your baseball wreath: real baseballs, a styrofoam wreath form, hot glue and gun, ribbon, and a wire hanger.

Real baseballs

To make a baseball wreath with real baseballs, you will need:
– 16 to 18 real baseballs
– A hot glue gun and glue sticks
– A Styrofoam wreath form
– A piece of ribbon for hanging
– Optional: spray paint in your team’s colors

Wreath frame

You can choose any size or style of wreath frame that you like. A metal frame will be the most durable, but a wooden or plastic frame will work just as well. You can also create your own frame by bending wire into a circle.


One of the great things about this project is that it requires few materials, and most of them are probably already laying around your house. For the wreath form, you can use an old foam wreath, or even better, recycle an old metal or plastic hanger. I used a foam wreath that I got for free from a local florist, but if you have an old hanger, that would work perfectly and be more durable in the long run. You will also need a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks, a pair of scissors, and wire cutters. Optional materials include ribbon for hanging and decorating, as well as small artificial flowers or greenery to hide the styrofoam form if desired.

For the baseballs, you can use actual game balls, but those can be quite expensive if you don’t already have them lying around. A cheaper alternative is to purchase “practice” balls made of lower-quality leather with raised seams. These Balls are often used for pitching practice and are much easier on the wallet. You will need between 30 and 40 balls depending on their size, as well as your own personal preference for how full you want your wreath to be.


In this article, we will be discussing how to make a baseball wreath with real baseballs. This wreath can be hung on a door or wall and makes for a great decoration for any baseball fan. You will need a few supplies to make this wreath, which we will list out here. With these supplies and our instructions, you’ll have your very own baseball wreath in no time!

Attach the baseballs to the wreath frame using adhesive

Attach the baseballs to the wreath frame using adhesive. I used Krazy Glue, but you can use hot glue, or any other type of adhesive. You will want to work in small sections so that the adhesive doesn’t dry before you get the baseballs in place.

Start by attaching the baseballs around the outside edge of the wreath frame. Once you have attached all of the baseballs around the outside edge, start filling in the middle of the wreath by attaching the baseballs in a random pattern.

Once all of the baseballs are attached to the wreath frame, you can add a ribbon hanger if desired.

Hang the wreath on a door or wall

To hang your baseball wreath, simply tie a piece of string or ribbon around the top of the wreath. Then, find a small nail or screw and hammer or screw it into the door or wall. Hang your wreath from the nail by loopsing the string or ribbon over the top.

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