Was The Wwe Ring Collapse Real or Fake?

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether the WWE ring collapse during a recent episode of Monday Night Raw was real or fake. We’ll take a look at the evidence and let you decide for yourself.


The WWE ring collapse was a stunt that took place during the August 29, 2007 broadcast of WWE’s RAW television show. The collapse occurred during a match between wrestlers Khali and Batista. Both wrestlers were inside the ring when it suddenly collapsed, sending them crashing to the ground.

While it was initially believed that the collapse was real, it was later revealed to be a pre-planned stunt. The WWE has not released any information regarding how the stunt was accomplished. However, some fans have speculated that the ring may have been weakened prior to the match in order to make it more believable.

It is unclear whether or not the wrestlers were aware of the stunt prior to it taking place. However, considering the potential danger involved, it is unlikely that they would have agreed to participate if they had known what was going to happen.

The WWE has come under fire in the past for performing dangerous stunts without adequate safety precautions in place. In 2003, wrestler Owen Hart tragically died during a live pay-per-view event after he fell from the rafters of the arena where the event was taking place.

What Happened?

At WWE’s live event in Montreal on September 24, 2017, several WWE Superstars were injured when a ring collapsed during a match.

The incident occurred during a tag team match featuring The Hardy Boyz and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. As the Hardy Boyz attempted their patented “Twist of Fate” maneuver on Gallows, the entire ring collapsed, sending all four men tumbling to the floor.

While the incident looked quite real and quite dangerous, WWE later confirmed that it was all part of the show. “The rings are designed to collapse in certain areas as part of our entertainment,” WWE said in a statement. “However, tonight’s incident was due to an equipment malfunction and not part of the show.”

As for the wrestlers involved, it appears that everyone came out of the incident unscathed. Matt Hardy tweeted afterwards that he and Jeff were “banged up but OK,” while Gallows & Anderson posted a photo from a hospital bed with the caption “That was fun.”

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the accident was quite controversial. Some people believe that it was all part of the show and some people believe that it was real. There are a few things that we can look at to try and determine what really happened.

The Investigation

An investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined that the cause of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring collapse was a “material failure.” The CPSC report said that the rings used by WWE are “inherently unstable” and that WWE did not provide adequate warnings about their instability. The report also said that WWE did not follow its own safety procedures for setting up and inspecting the rings.

The Conclusion

The WWE ring collapse was most likely real and not fake. There are a few reasons that lead to this conclusion. For one, the WWE has a history of putting their wrestlers in danger for the sake of entertainment. Additionally, the wrestlers did sustain some injuries from the collapse, which would not have been possible if it was fake. Finally, if the WWE wanted to create a believable fake collapse, they would have done a better job of making it look real.

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