What Channel Is NFL Redzone on Fios?

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What Channel Is NFL Redzone on Fios?


If you’re a fan of the NFL, you’re probably familiar with NFL Redzone. It’s a channel that shows live coverage of every touchdown from around the league, and it’s available on a variety of cable and satellite providers.

If you have Fios TV, you can watch NFL Redzone on channel 1746. You can also find it in the Sports & Fitness section of the On Demand menu.

What is NFL Redzone?

NFL RedZone is an American sports television channel owned and operated by NFL Network. As a “special” game-day exclusive, it broadcasts on Sundays during the NFL regular season from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific), or whenever live game coverage on either Fox or CBS reaches its conclusion..

How to Watch NFL Redzone on Fios

NFL Redzone is a channel owned and operated by the National Football League that shows live game footage and condensed game footage of all out-of-market NFL games on Sundays.

To watch NFL Redzone on Fios, you will need to subscribe to the SPORTS PASS add-on, which costs an additional $10/mo. on top of your base Fios TV package. With SPORTS PASS, you’ll also get access to NFL Network, NBC Sports Network, and much more.

Fios TV Packages that Include NFL Redzone

If you want to watch NFL Redzone on Verizon Fios, you’ll need to subscribe to a Fios TV package that includes the Sports Pass. The Sports Pass gives you access to NFL Redzone as well as other great sports content.

Here are the Fios TV packages that include the Sports Pass:

-Fios TV Ultimate HD: This is Verizon’s top-of-the-line TV package and it includes the Sports Pass as well as over 420+ channels.

-Fios TV Extreme HD: With this package, you’ll get over 330+ channels as well as the Sports Pass.

-Fios TV Preferred HD: With this package, you’ll get over 220+ channels and the Sports Pass.


Q: What channel is NFL Redzone on Fios?

A: You can find NFL Redzone on channel 155 in standard definition and 1255 in high definition on Fios.

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