What Channel Is Todays Nfl Games On?

Wondering what channel today’s NFL game is on? Check out our quick guide to find out!


The National Football League (NFL) is America’s top professional football league. Each year, the NFL’s regular season runs from September to December, with the playoffs culminating in the annual Super Bowl championship game in February.

If you’re a diehard football fan, you’re probably wondering what channel is today’s NFL game on? Depending on your location and cable/satellite TV provider, today’s NFL game may be airing on a variety of different channels. To help you keep track, we’ve compiled a list of all the channels that are currently broadcasting NFL games.

Today’s NFL Games

Today’s NFL games will be shown on a variety of channels, including CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN. You can find the full schedule of games here.

AFC Games

AFC Games
The American Football Conference (AFC) is one of the two conferences of the National Football League (NFL), the highest professional level of American football in the United States. This conference and its counterpart the National Football Conference (NFC), currently contain 16 teams organized into 4 divisions. Both conferences were created as part of the 1970 AFL–NFL merger.

Today’s game:
1:00 PM – Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills on CBS
4:05 PM – Los Angeles Chargers vs Oakland Raiders on CBS
4:25 PM – Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs on CBS

NFC Games

The NFC games today are:

-Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (FOX)
-Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (FOX)
-San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (FOX)


We hope this article has helped clear up any confusion about what channel is airing today’s NFL games. As a general rule, games will be broadcast on either Fox or CBS. However, there are a few exceptions. If you live in the same market as one of the teams playing, you may see the game on your local NBC affiliate. Additionally, some games may be shown on ESPN or the NFL Network.

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