What Happened To Verizon Nfl Mobile?

If you’re a Verizon customer and you’re wondering what happened to NFL Mobile, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Verizon recently discontinued its NFL Mobile app, but there are still plenty of ways to catch your favorite team’s games. Check out our guide to find out more.


Verizon has announced that it will no longer offer NFL Mobile service to its customers starting on August 31st, 2018. The NFL Mobile app allowed Verizon customers to watch live NFL games on their mobile devices, as well as access other NFL content such as highlights and news.

This change comes as a surprise to many, as Verizon has been the exclusive carrier partner of the NFL since 2010. It is unclear why Verizon has decided to end its relationship with the NFL, but it may be due to the rising costs of streaming live sports.

In any case, this means that Verizon customers will no longer be able to watch live NFL games on their mobile devices after August 31st. If you are a Verizon customer and want to continue watching NFL games, you will need to find another way to do so.

There are a few different options available for those who want to continue watching NFL games on their mobile devices. First, you can switch to a different carrier that offers live NFL streaming. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint all offer live NFL streaming through their own respective apps (NFL Sunday Ticket for AT&T customers, T-Mobile Tuesdays for T-Mobile customers, and Sprint Football for Sprint customers).

Second, you can continue watching NFL games by signing up for a streaming service that offers live sports. DirecTV Now and fuboTV both offer packages that include live NFL games. Both of these services start at $35 per month, but they also offer free trials if you want to try them out first.

Finally, you can also watchNFL RedZone without a cable or satellite TV subscription by signing up for the Yahoo Sports app. Yahoo Sports is available on iOS and Android devices, and it offers a LIVE stream of NFL RedZone every Sunday during the regular season. The service costs $5 per month or $50 per year, and there is also a 7-day free trial available.

What is Verizon Nfl Mobile?

Nfl Mobile is a service that was offered by Verizon Wireless that allowed subscribers to watch live Nfl games on their mobile phones. The service was launched in 2010 and was available to Verizon customers who had a data plan. In 2012, the service was expanded to include Thursday Night Football games and Red Zone coverage.

In 2013, Verizon announced that they would be discontinuing the Nfl Mobile service. The decision was made because of the low number of subscribers that were using the service. There are other options available for live Nfl coverage, such as the Nfl Sunday Ticket package offered by Directv.

How Verizon Nfl Mobile Works

Verizon Nfl Mobile is a streaming service that offers live and on-demand access to NFL games, including preseason, regular season, and playoffs games. It also offers other features, such as live game highlights, stats, and analysis.

The service launched in August of 2017 with a 7-day free trial. After the free trial ended, it cost $5 per month for Verizon subscribers and $10 per month for non-subscribers.

In January of 2019, Verizon announced that it would be discontinuing the Nfl Mobile service. The company cited decreasing demand for the service as the reason for the discontinuation.

The Benefits of Verizon Nfl Mobile

Verizon Nfl Mobile is no longer available. However, there are many other providers that offer similar services.

The Drawbacks of Verizon Nfl Mobile

The two biggest complaints were that the app was glitchy and it was hard to find specific content. There were also some usability issues, like the fact that you couldn’t set your favorite team as your default, which made it hard to keep up with your team if you were a fan of more than one.

Alternatives to Verizon Nfl Mobile

As of 2020, Verizon Nfl Mobile is no longer available. However, there are a number of alternatives that offer similar services. We’ve listed a few of the most popular options below.

-Yahoo Sports
– CBS Sports
– NFL Game Pass
– NBC Sports


Verizon Nfl Mobile is no longer available as a result of the NFL’s new partnership with Yahoo.

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