What Is Ad In Tennis Score?

Ad in tennis score is the term used to describe when one player has the advantage over the other. This can happen when the player who is ahead in the score wins the next point.

What Is Ad In Tennis Score?


Ad in tennis score is when one player has the advantage over the other. It can be determined by the number of points each player has won. If one player has more points than the other, then that player has the advantage.

What is Ad In Tennis Score?

Advantage, or “AD” in tennis score, is when one player has the upper hand over the other. This can be due to many factors, such as winning more points, having a higher ranked player, or being ahead in the game. Advantage is usually not permanent, and can be lost if the other player catches up.

The Advantage

In tennis, the advantage (or ad) is the name given to the player who currently has the advantage in the game. The player with the advantage is the one whose turn it is to serve, and who would thus be expected to win the point. The player without the advantage is said to be “receiving” or “serving behind”. If the player with the advantage wins the point, then they keep the advantage; if they lose the point, then the other player gains the advantage.

When Is It Used?

Advantage is only used in tennis when the score is deuce. Deuce means that both players have scored three points each. When one player scores a fourth point, they go up by one point and are said to have the advantage. If the other player then scores a point, the score goes back to deuce. The player who has the advantage only needs to win one more point to win the game; the player without the advantage needs to score two points in a row to win the game.

The Disadvantage

Ad in tennis score can be confusing for tennis fans who are not familiar with the term. Ad stands for advantage, and it is given to the player who wins the point when the score is even. The player with the ad has the advantage of serving next. If the player with the ad wins the next point, then they win the game. If they lose the next point, then the score goes back to even.

When Is It Used?

The purpose of the advantage system is to expedite play by eliminating the need for lengthy service games. Under the old deuce system, a player often had to win several more points than their opponent before they could win a game. This led to long, drawn-out games that could potentially go on forever.

With the advantage system, the first player to reach four points wins the game, regardless of how many points their opponent has. If both players have three points each (known as deuce), then one player must win two consecutive points to win the game. If the score reaches deuce again, then whoever wins the next point wins the game.

The disadvantage of this system is that it can lead to quick, one-sided matches if one player is significantly better than their opponent. This can be frustrating for spectators and television viewers who want to see a more competitive match.


In conclusion, the term “ad” in tennis score refers to the player who is in the advantageous position. This can change throughout the course of the game, depending on who wins or loses points.

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