What NFL Team Has the Best Offensive Line?

The NFL is full of talented offensive linemen, but which team has the best offensive line in the league? We take a look at the top five contenders.


In the National Football League, the offensive line is the unit of players that block for the quarterback so he can have time to make a pass, or open a hole for the running back to gain yards.

A good offensive line is important for any team that wants to be successful, but some teams have better offensive lines than others. This can be due to a number of factors, such as the quality of the players, the coaching, or simply luck.

So, which NFL team has the best offensive line? Here are a few contenders:

The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most dominant teams in the NFL over the past few years, and a large part of that has been due to their offensive line. The Cowboys have a few All-Pro caliber players on their offensive line, including left tackle Tyron Smith, center Travis Frederick, and right guard Zack Martin. All three of those players are among the best at their respective positions, and they’ve helped the Cowboys field one of the best offenses in the NFL year after year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL over the past decade. A big reason for their success has been their offensive line. The Steelers have had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL for a long time now. They have been able to run the ball well and protect their quarterback. The Steelers offensive line is a big reason why they have been so successful.

The Los Angeles Rams

There is no question that the Los Angeles Rams have the best offensive line in the NFL. They allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL last season and were ranked first in both run blocking and pass protection by Football Outsiders. They also have two of the best offensive linemen in the NFL in left tackle Andrew Whitworth and center John Sullivan.


After looking at all of the data, it is clear that the New England Patriots have the best offensive line in the NFL. They are consistently one of the top scoring teams in the league, and their offensive line has a big hand in that success. If you are looking for an offensive line that can give you consistent production, the Patriots are a great option.

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