What Was The Highest Score In The NFL?

The highest score in NFL history was achieved by the Denver Broncos in 2013, when they beat the Baltimore Ravens 49-27.

The Highest Score In The NFL

The highest score in the NFL was achieved by the New England Patriots in their game against the Miami Dolphins in December of 2007. The Patriots scored a total of 49 points in the game, which is the most points scored by any team in an NFL game. The Patriots went on to win the game by a score of 52-28.

The Highest Score In The NFL By Year

The highest score in an NFL game occurred on November 27, 1966, when the Detroit Lions defeated the Green Bay Packers, 62-7. The Lions scored 9 touchdowns and 6 extra points, while the Packers scored 1 touchdown and 1 extra point. This remained the highest score in an NFL game until 1983, when the Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 72-41.

The Top Ten Highest Scores In The NFL

There have been some pretty high scoring games in the NFL over the years. The highest score ever recorded in an NFL game was from the Los Angeles Rams who beat the Washington Redskins by a score of 73-0 in the 1974 season. That game was a blowout from start to finish. Here are the top ten highest scores in NFL history.

The Top Ten Highest Scores In The NFL By Year

Here are the top ten highest scoring NFL games of all time:

1. 83-40, Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants (1944)
2. 70-14, Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants (1934)
3. 69-0, Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins (1940)
4. 68-7, Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants (1945)
5. 63-49, Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Yankees (1950)
6. 62-7, Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns (1954)
7 60-27, Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1989)
8 59-14, San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos (1990)
9 56-10, Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Colts (1971)
10 55-24, Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers (1964)

The Lowest Score In The NFL

The lowest score in the NFL was actually set in a game between the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In this game, the Bears won with a score of 3-0. This is the lowest score that has ever been recorded in an NFL game.

The Lowest Score In The NFL By Year

In the history of the NFL, there have been a number of teams that have been on the wrong end of some lopsided scores. The most recent example came in 2019 when the Miami Dolphins were soundly beaten by the New England Patriots, 59-0. But that isn’t even close to the worst score in NFL history.

In fact, there have been several teams that have lost by 60 or more points. The most lopsided score in NFL history came in 1940 when the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0. That game was so one-sided that it led to a rule change that required teams to kick off instead of receiving after scoring a touchdown.

Here’s a look at the 10 worst scores in NFL history:

-Chicago Bears 73, Washington Redskins 0 (1940)
-New England Patriots 59, Miami Dolphins 0 (2009)
-Los Angeles Rams 54, Baltimore Colts 14 (1950)
-New York Giants 51, Washington Redskins 7 (1942)
-San Francisco 49ers 45, Atlanta Falcons 3 (1998)
-Tennessee Titans 42, Jacksonville Jaguars 14 (1999)
– Green Bay Packers 39, Detroit Lions 0 (1962)
-Baltimore Colts 38, New York Giants 14 (1964)
-Buffalo Bills 37 , Indianapolis Colts 14 (1997)

The Bottom Ten Scores In The NFL

out of the hundreds of games played in the NFL, these are the bottom ten in terms of score. These are the teams that couldn’t quite cut it and either got soundly beaten, or eeked out a close victory.

The Bottom Ten Scores In The NFL By Year

The following are the bottom ten scores in the NFL by year. Note that ties are broken by the team with the lowest point total, not by the score.

-2018: 49ers vs. Cardinals (7-6)
-2017: Dolphins vs. Jets (6-7)
-2016: Jaguars vs. Titans (6-8)
-2015: Panthers vs. Saints (7-9)
-2014: Raiders vs. Browns (6-10)
-2013: Vikings vs. Steelers (6-10)
-2012: Chiefs vs. Raiders (7-11)
-2011: Cardinals vs. Rams (7-13)
2010: Buccaneers vs. 49ers (6-14)

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