Whats The Fastest Pitch In Baseball?

What’s the fastest pitch in baseball? It’s a question that has been asked for years, and there’s no definitive answer. However, we can take a look at some of the pitchers who have been clocked at high speeds and see if we can narrow it down.


In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball to the catcher who is behind home plate. The object of the game is for the pitcher to throw the ball in such a way that the batter cannot hit it with the bat, and instead either misses it completely or hits it so weakly that it can be easily caught by one of the defensive players.

A pitch is a throw of the ball by the pitcher toward home plate. The speed of the pitch depends on how hard the pitcher throws the ball and how much spin he puts on it. A pitch that is thrown very hard and with little spin will appear to rise as it approaches home plate, while a pitch thrown more slowly and with more spin will appear to drop.

The fastest recorded pitches in baseball history have been clocked at over 105 miles per hour (169 km/h). The most famous instance of such a pitch was thrown by Nolan Ryan of the California Angels on August 20, 1974, when he struck out Tony Perez of the Cincinnati Reds. Ryan’s record-setting fastball was officially timed at 100.9 miles per hour (162.4 km/h).

The Four-Seam Fastball

The four-seam fastball is the straightest, hardest thrown pitch in baseball. When thrown correctly, it will have little to no movement and will appear to “hop” as it nears the plate. This pitch is very difficult to control, but when thrown by a pitcher with great control, it can be almost unhittable. The four-seam fastball is also the pitch that is most often used to achieve the highest speeds, as there is less resistance on the ball when it is thrown with a seam.

The Two-Seam Fastball

The two-seam fastball is the fastest pitch in baseball, with an average velocity of 95-96 mph. It is also the most difficult pitch to control, which is why it is often only seen in relief situations.

The Cutter

The cutter is a type of fastball in baseball that is thrown with a grip that gives the ball spin similar to a slider or curveball. It is supposed to move like a fastball up until it reaches the plate, at which point it breaks sharply and widens the batter’s eyes just enough to throw off his timing. The result is usually a ground ball or weak pop-up.

The Splitter

The splitter is a type of fastball that is thrown with a grip that allows the ball to spin more than a normal fastball. This extra spin makes the ball appear to rise as it approaches the batter, making it difficult to hit.

While splitters are not usually as fast as other types of fastball, they can be just as effective. A well-thrown splitter can be very difficult to hit, even for experienced hitters.

The Knuckleball

The knuckleball is the fastest pitch in baseball. It is a very difficult pitch to hit, and it is also very difficult to control. Knuckleball pitchers are often considered to be among the best in the game.


After looking at all the evidence, it seems safe to say that the fastest pitch in baseball is somewhere between 105 and 107 miles per hour. Nolan Ryan holds the record for the fastest recorded pitch in history, but there have been a few unverified reports of pitches being thrown even faster than that. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who throws the fastest pitch, as long as we’re all having fun watching baseball!

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