What’s the Highest Scoring Baseball Game?

The highest scoring baseball game in history happened on June 23, 2006 between the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels. The final score was 22-4 in favor of the White Sox.


In baseball, runs are scored by advancing around the bases after hitting the ball. A run is only scored if the hitter safely reaches first base, second base, third base, or home plate. In order to score a run, the batter must hit the ball into play and then run to first base before any of thefielders can throw him out. Once he reaches first base, he can choose to stop and wait for the next batter or he can try to advance to second base by running. If he is safe at second base, he can continue running to third base and then home plate. runs can also be scored by what are called “unearned” runs. These are runs that score due to errors made by the opposing team’s fielders.

The Highest Scoring Game by Inning

The highest scoring game by inning took place on June 11, 1930, between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs. The Phillies scored a total of 23 runs in the game, with the Cubs scoring 10. The game was played at Wrigley Field, and was won by the Phillies 23-10.

The Highest Scoring Game by Team

The highest scoring game by team is 30 runs, which has been accomplished 14 times in MLB history. Interestingly, the 30 run mark has only been reached twice in the last 50 years. The last time it happened was on August 22, 2007 when the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles 30-3.

The most runs scored in a game by one team came on June 10, 1897 when the Chicago Colts (now the Cubs) beat the Louisville Colonels 36-7. The game was played in Louisville and featured six future Hall of Famers: Cap Anson, Jesse Burkett, Ed Delahanty, Johnny Evers, Hughie Jennings and Cy Young.

The Highest Scoring Game of All Time

On August 25, 1922, the New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies set the record for the highest scoring game in major league history. The final score was 26-23, with the Giants coming out on top. The game featured a total of 49 hits, including eight home runs.


In baseball, as in life, it’s important to set goals. That’s why we wanted to find out what is the highest scoring baseball game of all time.

We found that the highest scoring baseball game was played on June 29, 1930 between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs. The final score was 26-23, with the Cubs winning.

Interestingly, the second highest scoring game was also played between the Phillies and Cubs, just four years earlier on August 25th, 1926. That game ended with a score of 26-21, also in favor of the Cubs.

So if you’re looking to break a scoring record in baseball, you might want to try your luck against the Cubs!

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