When Did Cm Punk Join the WWE?

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you’ve probably heard of CM Punk. He’s a former WWE Champion and one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. But when did CM Punk join the WWE?

The answer may surprise you. Punk actually made his WWE debut in 2006, but he didn’t join the main roster until 2008. Since then, he’s been one of the most popular wrestlers in the world and has won multiple championships.

Punk’s First WWE Run

Punk’s debut

Punk made his WWE debut in 2006, and quickly established himself as a star. He won the WWE Championship in 2008, and held the title for 434 days, the third-longest reign in WWE history. He left the WWE in 2014, but returned for a one-off match in 2018.

Punk’s early matches

Punk’s first WWE run began in 2006, when he was drafted to the ECW brand. He quickly made a name for himself with his hard-hitting, fast-paced matches. He quickly became one of the top stars on the ECW roster, and even won the ECW World Championship.

However, Punk’s time in WWE was not all positive. He was often involved in backstage politics, and had several disagreements with WWE management. In 2008, he was even released from his contract.

Fortunately, Punk was re-signed by WWE in early 2009. He returned to the company with a new attitude, and quickly ascended to the top of the card. He won the WWE Championship in July of 2009, and held it for 434 days – the sixth longest reign in history.

Punk’s Second WWE Run

Punk’s return

Punk made his return to WWE television on the June 24, 2019, episode of Raw, interrupting a promo by Seth Rollins and subsequently attacking him. The following week on Raw, Punk was interviewed by Renee Young, during which he stated that his return was not a publicity stunt and that he was there to stay. Punk also declared that he would be entering himself into the 2019 Money in the Bank men’s ladder match.

Punk’s final matches

Punk’s final matches were a series of tag team matches. He first teamed with R-Truth to face The Miz and Alberto Del Rio on the November 12 episode of Raw, which Punk and Truth won. The following week on Raw, Punk and Truth defeated Miz and Del Rio again in a rematch. At Survivor Series, Punk competed in a five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match as the captain of Team Punk, which also consisted of Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus; Team Punk defeated Team Foley (The Miz, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, and Rey Mysterio). The following night on Raw, in anothertag team rematch from Survivor Series, this time with Kane as his partner against Miz and Del Rio, which Punk and Kane won.

Punk’s Legacy

Cm Punk joined the WWE in 2006 and quickly made a name for himself. He was a major player in the WWE for several years and was one of the top stars in the company. Punk left the WWE in 2014 and has since made a successful career in the UFC. Punk’s legacy in the WWE is still felt today.

Punk’s influence on WWE

Cm Punk’s straight edge lifestyle and anti-authority attitude helped him become one of the most popular WWE superstars in recent memory. His influence can still be seen in WWE today, even though he hasn’t been with the company since 2014.

Punk was one of the driving forces behind WWE’s “Attitude Era” of the late 1990s and early 2000s, when edgier and more adult-oriented content began to dominate the company’s programming. Punk himself was a big part of that change, with his rebellious persona and willingness to push the boundaries of good taste.

Even after he left WWE, Punk remained a major influence on the company. His 2012 “Pipe Bomb” promo is widely considered to be one of the greatest promos in WWE history, and it helped pave the way for WWE’s current crop of superstars to be more open and honest with their opinions.

Punk also had a hand in changing WWE’s approach to licensing and merchandising. He was a big proponent of independent wrestlers and companies, and his support helped those businesses thrive. He also encouraged WWE to allow its superstars to have more control over their own merchandise, which has led to a boom in wrestler-owned brands over the past few years.

There’s no doubt that Cm Punk left a lasting impression on WWE, and his influence can still be felt today.

Punk’s influence on other wrestlers

In an interview with Rolling Stone, WWE star and producer Paul Heyman said of Punk: “He was the guy who made people believe that they could do it. He was the everyday man who kicked down the door of pretentiousness and entitlement and broke through. He inspired an entire generation”. In addition to his in-ring ability, Punk was known for his cutting promos, which often drew both cheers and boos from the crowd. His promo on June 27, 2011, in which he ranted about WWE and professional wrestling in general, drew mixed reactions but is considered one of the most important promos in recent memory.

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