When Do They Release The 2022 Nfl Schedule?

The NFL schedule for the 2022 season has not been released yet. However, we do know that the regular season will start on September 8th and end on January 2nd, 2023.


It’s never too early to start thinking about the NFL schedule. In fact, some fans might say that it’s never too early to start thinking about the NFL schedule. The league typically releases the regular-season schedule in mid- to late-April, so we’re still a few months away from that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take an early look at what the schedule might look like.

How the NFL Season Works

The NFL season is divided into two parts: the regular season and the playoffs. The regular season consists of 16 weeks, during which each team plays 16 games. The playoffs are a single-elimination tournament that culminates in the Super Bowl, which is played between the champions of the NFC and AFC.

The regular season typically begins in early September and ends in late December or early January. The playoffs begin in January and end with the Super Bowl in February.

The 2022 NFL schedule has not yet been released.

When the NFL Releases Their Schedule

The National Football League releases their schedule for the upcoming season in late April or early May. The release date is typically announced a few weeks in advance.

The NFL schedule is released in conjunction with the NFL draft, which takes place over three days in late April or early May. The 2022 NFL draft is currently scheduled for April 28-30.

The release of the NFL schedule is always eagerly anticipated by fans, as it allows them to start planning for their team’s home games and away games. It also gives fans an opportunity to start planning road trips to see their team play in other cities.

How the NFL Schedule is Made

The NFL schedule is made through a very complex process that involvesInput from all 32 teams, fans, television networks, and the league office.

First, the league office identifies which teams will play each other. Then, they send out a Master Schedule Grid to each team. The Master Schedule Grid lists every game that each team is scheduled to play, but does not list the date or time of those games.

Each team then fills out a Preference Form, listing their desired home and away games, as well as their preferred dates and times for each game. ThePreference Forms are due back to the league office within 10 days of receipt.

After the deadline passes, the league office meets with representatives from each team to discuss their preferences. The goal of these meetings is to try to accommodate as many of the teams’ requests as possible while also keeping in mind the needs of television partners (both nationally and locally).

After the meetings, the NFL schedule is released to the public.

Why the NFL Schedule is Important

The NFL schedule is important for a number of reasons. First, it sets the stage for the entire season. It determines when each team will play each other, and it also determines which teams will have bye weeks and who will play in prime time games. Second, the schedule can have a big impact on a team’s chances of making the playoffs. A team that has a difficult schedule may find it hard to make the playoffs, while a team with an easier schedule may have a better chance. Finally, the NFL schedule can have a big impact on fan interest. Fans want to see their favorite teams play in big games, and they also want to see their favorite players match up against the best players in the league.


The NFL schedule is usually released in the spring, around late April or early May. However, because of the pandemic, the 2021 schedule was not released until May 12th. Given that the pandemic is still ongoing, it is unclear when the NFL will release the 2022 schedule. It is possible that they will wait until closer to the start of the season to release it, in order to allow for more flexibility in case any changes need to be made.

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