When Does Spring Baseball Start?

Spring baseball is just around the corner! Here’s everything you need to know about when your favorite team’s season will start.


As the leaves begin to change color and the weather grows cooler, baseball fans know that spring training is just around the corner. But when does spring baseball actually start?

The answer is a bit complicated, as there is no one official start date for spring training. Rather, teams begin to report to their training facilities at different times throughout February and early March. Additionally, each team plays a different number of exhibition games before the start of the regular season.

For most teams, the average number of exhibition games played is between 15 and 20. However, some teams will play as many as 30 exhibition games while others will play as few as 10. The first exhibition game of the spring is typically played on either Valentine’s Day or Presidents Day.

While there is no official start date for spring training, the first regular season game is always scheduled for the first Sunday in April. This year, that will be April 3rd. So mark your calendars and get ready for another exciting season of Major League Baseball!

History of Spring Training

The history of spring training can be traced back to the 1850s, when the New York Knickerbockers organized annual trips to Charleston, South Carolina for conditioning. The first formal team to hold spring training camp was the Cincinnati Reds, who in 1870 traveled to Tampa, Florida. The Cincinnati Reds were also the first team to hold daily Spring Training workouts.

The first professional team to train in Florida was the Washington Senators, who did so in 1888. In 1913, the Chicago Cubs held their first Spring Training in Mesa, Arizona. In 1922, the St. Louis Cardinals became the first team to play their games in Florida; the Cardinals trained inbiloxi, Mississippi that year.

One of the most famous Spring Training games took place in 1946, when Jackie Robinson made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was assigned to their Montreal farm team that year and played his first game against the Dodgers on March 17th. He would go on to break Major League Baseball’s color barrier that season.

When Does Spring Training Start?

While the official start of spring is March 20, most Americans associate the beginning of spring with baseball – specifically, spring training. Spring training is when professional baseball teams start to get ready for the upcoming season by practicing and playing exhibition games.

The first step in getting ready for spring training is for American players to report to their team’s facility in the United States. At the same time, players from other countries who are on major league rosters must report to their team’s facility. The players then undergo physicals and participate in meetings with coaches and managers.

The next step is for the pitchers and catchers to report to spring training. This usually happens about a week before the rest of the team reports. The pitchers and catchers work on their skills by throwing bullpens and batting practice. They also work on their defense by participating in fielding drills.

After a few days of workouts, the entire team reports to spring training. The days are long as they participate in various drills to improve their skills. They also play exhibition games against other teams in order to prepare for the regular season.

The length of spring training varies from team to team, but it typically lasts about six weeks. The exhibition games usually start in early March and the regular season starts at the end of March or early April.

Why Do Players Participate in Spring Training?

Spring training is a time for players to prepare for the upcoming season. They participate in practices and exhibition games to get ready for the regular season.

In the days before free agency, players were more likely to spend their entire careers with one team. Spring training was a way for them to get to know their teammates and build team unity. Now that players move around more frequently, spring training is still a chance for them to form bonds with their new teammates. It’s also an opportunity for coaches to get a first look at new players and decide how they will fit into the team’s plans for the season.

What Happens During Spring Training?

Spring Training is a time for players to focus on conditioning and skills development in preparation for the upcoming season. It’s also a chance for teams to gel together and establish team camaraderie. While there are exhibition games played during Spring Training, the main focus is on practicing and preparing for the regular season.

Spring Training generally starts in February and runs until the end of March or early April. During this time, players focus on individual skills development as well as team play. Pitchers work on refining their pitches, while hitters focus on their batting stance and power. Fielding drills are also a key part of Spring Training, as this is the time when players brush up on their defensive skills.

What is the Purpose of Spring Training?

Spring training is a time for Major League Baseball (MLB) teams to prepare for the upcoming season. Each team plays several exhibition games against other professional teams, usually from the same league.

The purpose of spring training is to allow the players to shake off the rust from the previous season, get into playing shape, and learn any new strategies that their coaches may be implementing. Additionally, it gives the team’s front office personnel a chance to evaluate young players who are vying for a spot on the roster.

Spring training generally starts in mid-February and runs through early April.


In conclusion, spring baseball starts in late February or early March and continues through early June. The regular season consists of 144 games, with each team playing 162 games. The playoffs start in late September and the World Series is played in October.

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