When Does the NBA Playoff Schedule Come Out?

The official NBA playoff schedule is released in August, but the specific dates and times of games are not announced until closer to the start of the playoffs.

When Does the NBA Playoff Schedule Come Out?


The NBA playoff schedule is usually released in April, after the regular season has ended. The playoffs typically start in late April or early May.

The specific date and time of the schedule release depends on when the regular season ends. Once the Regular season ends, the NBA has a few days to determine the final standings and seedings for the playoffs. Once that’s done, the schedule is released.

In recent years, the schedule has been released on Wednesday or Thursday nights in April. However, it’s possible that it could be released as early as Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the final few games of the regular season are played.

You can check back here closer to the end of the season for an update on when the schedule will be released.

When does the NBA Playoff schedule come out?

The NBA Playoff schedule is typically released in the middle of April, just after the conclusion of the regular season. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 NBA Playoffs were pushed back to start on August 17th. The schedule for these playoffs will be released closer to the start date.

How is the NBA Playoff schedule determined?

The NBA playoff schedule is usually released in the middle of April, after the regular season has ended. The playoffs typically start in early May and can last anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on how many rounds there are and how long each series lasts.

The schedule is determined by a number of factors, including which teams are playing each other, what time of day the games will be played, and what television network will be broadcasting the games. In recent years, the NBA has also taken into account potential scheduling conflicts with other major sporting events, such as the World Series and the Olympics.

What factors go into the NBA Playoff schedule?

The NBA schedule is considerably more complicated than other major North American professional sports leagues, due to the fact that there are 29 teams in the league (compared to 32 in the National Football League, 30 in Major League Baseball, and 16 in the National Hockey League). With an odd number of teams, one team each night cannot play. The schedule is released typically in mid-August.

In order to ensure that each team plays 82 regular season games, the NBA has a complex algorithm that takes into account many different variables. Some of these variables include:
– The day of the week a game is played
– National holidays
– Arena availability
– Team requested days off
– Length of road trips
– Other commitments (such as All-Star weekend and the NBA Draft)

In addition to these variables, the NBA also tries to create a schedule that is as ” balanced ” as possible. This means that each team should have a similar number of home games and away games, as well as a similar number of back-to-back games.


The NBA playoff schedule is usually released a few days after the regular season ends. This year, the playoffs are scheduled to start on April 18, 2019.

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