When Does The Nfl Draft Actually Start?

Are you wondering when the NFL Draft will start? While the exact date and time is not yet set in stone, we can give you a general idea of when it will take place. Keep reading to find out more!


The NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated events of the offseason. Fans wait all year to see where their favorite prospects will land, and which teams will be making a run at the Super Bowl. While the event itself is exciting, it can be tough to know when it’s actually going to start.

The NFL Draft typically starts on the first Thursday in May, and runs through the following Saturday. However, there have been some changes to the schedule in recent years. In 2018, the NFL Draft will start on Thursday, April 26 and end on Saturday, April 28. The first round will begin at 8:00 PM ET on Thursday, and rounds 2-3 will take place on Friday night. Rounds 4-7 will take place on Saturday afternoon.

So if you’re wondering when the NFL Draft is actually going to start this year, now you know! Be sure to tune in on April 26 for all the excitement.

What is the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is an event in which the National Football League’s (NFL) teams select eligible players for their rosters. Each team takes turns selecting players, starting with the team with the worst record from the previous season and continuing in reverse order of standings. The draft order is determined by a lottery process prior to each season.

The NFL Draft usually takes place in April, although it has been held in May or June in some years. It is typically held over three days, with each day consisting of seven rounds of selections. Teams are allowed to trade draft picks with other teams in order to move up or down in the draft order.

When does the NFL Draft Start?

The NFL Draft typically starts on the first Thursday in May and ends on the Saturday of that same weekend. However, this year the NFL has pushed the start date back to April 23rd due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The draft will still span three days, with rounds 1-3 taking place on Thursday, rounds 4-7 on Friday, and rounds 5-7 on Saturday.

The NFL Draft Process

The NFL Draft is a process that takes place every year, in which the 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) select eligible players to join their rosters.

The Draft is typically held in late April or early May, and consists of seven rounds. In each round, each team gets to choose one player. The order in which teams choose players is determined by a number of factors, including how well the team did the previous year (the worse they did, the higher they draft), and whether or not the team has any “compensatory picks” (extra picks awarded to teams that lost more free agents than they signed the previous offseason).

Once a team has chosen a player in a particular round, they cannot choose another player until all of the other teams have had a chance to choose someone. This means that if there are 32 players drafted in the first round, then 32 more players will be drafted in the second round, and so on.

The draft usually takes place over three days; Friday and Saturday are typically used for rounds 1-3, while rounds 4-7 are held on Sunday.


The NFL Draft will start on Thursday, April 25th and will conclude on Saturday, April 27th.

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