When Does Travel Baseball Season Start?

The travel baseball season typically starts in early May and ends in late July. However, the start date may vary depending on the region.


The travel baseball season typically runs from early April through late June, with playoffs in July. Some leagues may start as early as March, while others may not start until May. It is important to check with your local league or club to find out specific dates.

The off-season

During the off-season, travel baseball teams have open tryouts to fill roster spots for the upcoming season. Tryouts usually take place in late summer or early fall. After tryouts, travel baseball coaches will select the players they want on their team. These players will then be notified of their roster spot and given information about team practices and other activities.

The pre-season

The pre-season starts in February and runs through late April. This is when most teams have their tryouts and begin to form their rosters. The regular season starts in May and runs through early August.

The regular season

The regular season for travel baseball usually starts in early to mid-April and runs through the end of June or early July. This gives players a chance to participate in tournaments and other events during the summer months. Some leagues may have a slightly different schedule, so it’s important to check with your local league for specific dates.

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