Where Is the Sports Club Persona 4?

Leave the faculty office, turn left, and exit via the emergency exit to go to the sports clubs. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the clubs meet. However, they do not meet on rainy days! The Strength Arcana Social Link is opened by both the basketball and soccer clubs.

Similarly, How do I join a sports club Persona 3?

Exit your classroom, turn right, and down the stairs to join one. You’ve arrived in the 1st Floor Hallway. Exit through the double doors on your immediate right, go straight ahead, and enter the building. You now have the option of joining one of three sporting clubs.

Also, it is asked, Where can I find a job in Persona 4?

Persona 4 offers a variety of jobs to choose from. All a player has to do is go to the Town Bulletin Board in the Central Shopping District’s northern section. Before a position becomes accessible, a specific Status Level may be required. All of these tasks may be completed whenever you choose.

Secondly, Which group does black belong to persona?

A group of people

Also, How do I start Elizabeth Social Link?

The group must first meet Yosukesaurus and vanquish the Shadows assaulting him in order to have access to her services. The group will be forced to flee by Futaba Sakura when the ticket selling machine glows. When Elizabeth returns to the Cinema, she will assume a modified version of Motoko Mitsugi’s outfit and activate the service.

People also ask, How old is Dojima?

12 Ryotaro Dojima (Birthday: May 16; Age: 42; Height: 5’11“).

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What is morale persona4?

What exactly is morale? – In a group, cheerfulness. What is the “heikin-dai” sport? – Beam of Equilibrium. “Even Kobo made blunders in writing,” it is asserted. On which kanji did he make a blunder? – This is the first response.

How do I raise Courage in Persona 4?

In Persona 4 Golden, How To Raise Courage To boost your courage, go to Aiya’s and eat tofu. Part-time employment in the North Shopping District may be found on the Bulletin Board Take up a part-time job in a hospital. Eating the restaurant’s Rainy Day Special will boost your bravery and other social numbers.

How do I get a job at no Beko?

The “Ore no BekoBeef Bowl Shop is situated on Shibuya Central Street. You may work this part-time job any day and at any time, just as you can at the Flower Shop. After chatting with him in front of the Shibuya railway station, you must perform this task twice to unlock the Sun Confidant.

Where is Rafflesia 5?

Shibuya Underground Mall is a shopping mall located in Shibuya, Tokyo

How do you get the true ending in Persona 4?

In Persona 4 Golden, you must max Marie’s Aeon Social Link within a certain amount of time to obtain the True Ending. Before you finish the Magatsu Inaba dungeon in December, you must reach that maximum.

How do you get the angel statue in Persona 4 Golden?

Return to Yukiko’s Castle to recover an Angel Statue stolen from an adversary known as the Avenger Knight. It’s an adversary called by Positive King. To get the Angel Statue, you’ll have to defeat this guy around floor 5-7. Return to the girl after you’ve acquired it.

What day do you get Akihiko?

On the 23rd of May, Akihiko will be healed and will join the party.

When can you use Akihiko?

After conquering the Priestess Shadow on the second Full Moon, the female protagonist may begin Akihiko’s Social Link. The female protagonist must have level four Charm to begin his Social Link (Queen Bee).

Can you date Elizabeth Persona 3?

In the revised version of Persona 3 FES, Elizabeth plays a bigger part. Although the protagonist is allowed to date Elizabeth, she is not a Social Link. Elizabeth becomes interested in the protagonist, as well as the culture of the outside world, as the protagonist dates her.

Who created the numbers 1 9?

Set of ten symbols—1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0—that represent numbers in the decimal number system in Hindu-Arabic numerals. They originated in India in the sixth or seventh centuries and were transmitted to Europe in the 12th century via the works of Middle Eastern mathematicians, particularly al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi.

How tall is Yukiko Amagi?

164 cm in length

Which line can Typhoon never cross?

Cyclones will never be able to reach the equator. They are the result of tropical low pressure systems over warm water and occur mostly between 10 and 20 degrees north or south of the equator (plus a few other factors too complex to mention here).

What kanji did Kobo make a mistake on?

7/14 – Which renowned Heian-ero monk is notable for using the improper kanji? Kuukai is the answer.

Kanji’s S-Link unlocks automatically as you continue through the main Persona 4 plot, but it must be activated manually starting June 9. On or after June 9, go to Yasogami High’s classroom building 2F.

The protagonist must have level 5 Knowledge (Sage) and rank 5 Courage to begin Naoto’s Social connection (Heroic). Speak with the guy in black on the north side of the Central Shopping District, who will hand over a White Card to the protagonist.

How much knowledge do you need for exams Persona 4?

Your Knowledge Stat determines whether or not you pass Day 4 of midterms; to pass, you must have Level 4 Knowledge. On May 19, test results will be released; if you place in the top ten or are the top student in the school, you’ll get a social link bonus and the opportunity to speak with Dojima, Nanako, and your history instructor for further incentives.

How do I get a job at Crossroads Bar?

To get access to the bar, you must first complete the Devil Confidant (Ichiko Ohya) quest, which may be begun by simply conversing with her at the Crossroads Bar on June 23. After then, if you have Kindness at level 3 and Proficiency at rank 4, you will be eligible to work at the bar.

How do you get a job at the Beef Bowl Shop?

The Beef Bowl Shop is located on Shibuya’s Central Street. It’s worth noting that if you want to acquire the job, you must work the night you apply, otherwise you’ll have to go back to the magazine stand.

How do I get a job at the flower shop p5r?

Joker’s Charm must be at least level 2 (“Head-turning”) to access the flower store part-time employment in Persona 5 Royal. This isn’t difficult to do; you may do so by reading books, watching movies, or taking a dip in the bath house (particularly Sundays)

How many endings does p4 have?

Normal, Bad, Accomplice, True, and Golden are the five possible outcomes. The Golden Ending is the ultimate genuine ending in Persona 4 Golden. The True Ending is a holdover from the PlayStation 2 game, and although it’s still enjoyable, it’s not the finest.


The “Sports Club persona 4 social link” is a game in the Persona series. The game has been removed from the iOS App Store and is no longer playable.

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The “p4 sports club” is a location in Persona 4 that is the home of the protagonist’s friends. The character who owns this place, is also known as the owner of the local gym and has a few other shops.

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