Where To Watch Today’s NFL Games?

Wondering where to watch today’s NFL games? Check out this list of the best places to catch all the action.


If you’re looking for ways to watch today’s NFL games, you have several options. You can watch on TV, through a streaming service, or even on your phone. Here’s a breakdown of where you can catch all the action.


If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can watch today’s NFL games on ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX. All four networks will have games throughout the day. If you want to watch multiple games at once, you can also check out the NFL RedZone channel, which will show live coverage of every game going on at once.


If you don’t have a TV, or if you want to watch games while you’re on the go, there are several streaming options available. You can stream games through a number of different services, including Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now. These services all offer free trials, so if you’re not sure which one is right for you, you can try them out before committing.


If you’re away from your TV or don’t have a streaming subscription, you can still catch today’s NFL action on your phone. The NFL Mobile app (available for iOS and Android) will let you stream live games if you have a Verizon Wireless plan. And if you’re just looking for scores and highlights, the NFL app (available for iOS and Android) will keep you up to date on everything that’s happening around the league.

NFL Sunday Ticket

If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you might be wondering where you can watch today’s games. One option is NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a service that allows you to watch live out-of-market NFL games.

To get NFL Sunday Ticket, you’ll need to sign up for DirecTV. Once you’ve done that, you can either watch the games on your TV or streaming online.

If you want to watch on your TV, you’ll need to have a DirecTV receiver connected to your TV. You can then tune into the channels that are broadcasting the games.

If you want to stream the games online, you’ll need to log in to the NFL Sunday Ticket website or app. From there, you can choose which game you want to watch and start streaming.

You can also add NFL Sunday Ticket to your Hulu account if you’re already a Hulu subscriber. To do this, just go to Hulu’s website and select “Add-ons.” From there, select “NFL Sunday Ticket” and follow the prompts.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a subscription service that allows fans to watch live and on-demand NFL games, including out-of-market and pre-season games. It also provides access to game highlights, analysis, and more.

Locally Televised Games

There are a number of ways to watch NFL games, but the most popular (and easiest) way is to find them on television. Unfortunately, not all games are nationally televised, which means that many fans miss out on watching their favorite teams play.

That’s why it’s important to know where to find locally televised games. In most cases, these will be broadcast on your local FOX or CBS affiliate. However, there are a few other places you can look as well:

-The NFL Network will occasionally air live games, though they are mostly replay broadcasts.
-Yahoo Sports offers a streaming service that includes some live NFL games (as well as other sporting events).
-DirectTV subscribers can watch NFL games on the NFL Sunday Ticket channel.

Of course, the best way to watch any NFL game is live and in person! If you have the opportunity to attend a game, take advantage of it! There’s nothing quite like being in the stadium on game day.


In conclusion, there are many great ways to watch today’s NFL games depending on your location and preferred method of viewing. If you want to watch for free, you can find many websites that will stream the game live, or you can listen to the radio broadcast. If you want to watch on TV, you can find several channel options depending on your cable package, and if you want to watch online, you can purchase a subscription to NFL Game Pass. No matter how you choose to watch, today’s NFL games will be a great way to spend your Sunday!

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