Where To Watch Valorant Esports?

Looking to watch some Valorant esports action? Here’s a handy guide on where to find the best matches!


Twitch is a live-streaming platform where gamers can watch other gamers play the video games they love. Esports fans can watch their favorite Valorant teams compete in tournaments from all over the world.

Official Twitch Channel

The official Twitch channel of VALORANT is broadcast in English and accessible to everyone around the world. The streams feature a variety of content including professional esports matches, tournaments, highlights, and more. You can also find a schedule of upcoming events on the channel so you never miss a moment of the action.

Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals is a series of esports tournaments designed for Twitch streamers and viewers. Twitch Rivals features some of the biggest names in the world of gaming and streaming, including Pokimane, Shroud, xQcOW, and many more. These tournaments are held throughout the year and offer large prize pools for the winners.


Valorant is a new game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is an online tactical shooter game that is played by two teams of five players. The game is designed to be very competitive, and it has a growing Esports scene. So, where can you watch Valorant Esports?

Official YouTube Channel

The official YouTube channel of Valorant is the best place to watch Valorant esports. You can find livestreams of Valorant tournaments, highlights, and more on the official YouTube channel.

Valorant Leagues and Tournaments

Valorant is a new 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from Riot Games. The game is currently in beta, but is already building a competitive scene. So far, we’ve seen a few online tournaments with cash prizes. Here’s a look at the upcoming Valorant leagues and tournaments.

First Strike

Riot Games’ first official VALORANT esports tournament, First Strike, is set to kick off in the coming weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including how to watch it.

First Strike will feature a total prize pool of $1 million USD, making it the biggest VALORANT tournament yet. The event will span multiple regions around the world, with North America, Europe, CIS, Brazil, Turkey, Oceania/SEA, Japan/South Korea/Taiwan all receiving their own separate tournaments.

The North American tournament will be the first of these to take place, running from October 26-November 7. This will be followed by the European tournament from November 10-22, and then the CIS tournament from December 3-13. The remaining tournaments for Oceania/SEA, Brazil, Turkey and Japan/South Korea/Taiwan have not yet been given dates.

All of these tournaments will feature a mix of open and closed qualifiers leading up to a main event playoff bracket. The playoffs will be double-elimination with all matches being best-of-threes except for the grand finals which will be best-of-five. You can find full details on each region’s particular format on Riot’s official website.

As for how to watch First Strike, Riot will be partnering with Twitch to broadcast all of the action live on their platform. In addition to this, Twitch will also be producing exclusive content around First Strike like pre and post show analysis as well as highlight packages. So if you’re looking to catch all the VALORANT esports action this fall, make sure to tune in to Twitch.

Red Bull Home Ground

Red Bull Home Ground is a European tournament series featuring some of the best VALORANT teams in the region. From 4th September to 25th October, a total of eight tournaments will take place online with a prize pool of €10,000 per tournament. The tournaments are open to all teams from across Europe and are free to enter.

Other Channels and Streams

If you’re looking for other places to watch Valorant esports, here are some other channels and streams you can check out. In addition to the official Riot Games Twitch channel, there are a number of other popular Twitch streams that feature Valorant gameplay. You can also find Valorant esports action on a number of other platforms, including YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and more.

Caster and Streamer Channels

There are plenty of ways to watch Valorant esports. Here are some official and unofficial channels where you can catch all the action.

Riot Games Official Channels:
-Twitch.tv/RiotGames – The official Riot Games channel on Twitch. You can watch live broadcasts of Valorant tournaments, highlight videos, and more.
-Youtube.com/RiotGames – The official Riot Games channel on YouTube. You can watch live broadcasts of Valorant tournaments, highlight videos, and more.

Caster and Streamer Channels:
-Twitch.tv/Sacriel – One of the most popular Valorant streamers, Sacriel often casts matches on his channel.
-Twitch.tv/Curse – Another popular Valorant streamer, Curse often casts matches on his channel as well.

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