Who Gets an NBA Championship Ring?

A look at who is eligible to receive an NBA Championship Ring.


The NBA championship ring is a ring awarded to the players of the team that wins the NBA Finals. However, not all players on the team get a ring. The team typically gives out about 150 rings to players, coaches, executives, and trainers.

Players on the active roster at the end of the season

An NBA championship ring is a ring presented to a member of an National Basketball Association (NBA) team to commemorate that person’s role in winning the NBA championship. Championship rings are made of either gold, silver, or platinum and contain diamonds. They are generally much larger and more elaborate than rings players receive for simply winning their conference or division championships.

Rings are presented to the head coach, the team’s training staff, and all players who were on the team’s active roster at the end of the season, including those who were injured and did not play in the playoffs. Team officials and high-level employees such as the general manager also receive rings. The league pays for up to 150 rings for the champions; any additional ones must be purchased by team ownership. Players have the option to purchase rings for themselves and/or their families at cost.

Championship rings became popular in basketball after the 1948–49 season, when players on the Minneapolis Lakers were each presented with a diamond-studded ring by team owner Ben Berger. The tradition has since spread to other North American professional sports leagues as well as collegiate level football programs such as Auburn University and Florida State University. Super Bowl rings are among the most coveted items in professional sports; broadcasters carefully show them during game coverage so viewers at home can see each player’s ring.

Players who were on the inactive list at the end of the season

Players who were on the inactive list at the end of the season, including those who were on the disabled list, are not eligible to receive a championship ring.

Players who were on the injured list at the end of the season

A championship ring is a ring earned by players who are on the winning team in the National Basketball Association (NBA), which is awarded to them after their team wins the NBA Finals. In order to receive a ring, a player must have been on the active roster of their team at the end of the season, and must not have been on the injured list at that time. Players who were on the injured list at the end of the season are still eligible to receive a ring, but must purchase it themselves.


Any head coach who is with the team during the NBA Finals is eligible to receive a ring. Any assistant coaches who were with the team the entire season are also eligible to receive a ring. It is not uncommon for a team to have over 20 coaches receive a ring.

Head coach

In addition to the players, the head coach of an NBA team also receives a championship ring. The head coach is responsible for leading the team to victory and is therefore deserving of this honor.

Assistant coaches

An assistant coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is an individual who assists the head coach in various capacities, usually with the development and strategizing of the team. Assistant coaches often have a specific skill set or area of expertise that they can share with players and the head coach. For example, an assistant coach may specialize in player development, scouting, or strength and conditioning.

In addition to performing their normal duties during practice and games, assistant coaches also typically take on some administrative tasks, such as maintaining player statistics or coordinating travel plans. In some cases, assistant coaches may also be responsible for managing a team’s salary cap.

Head coaches typically have final say over which assistant coaches stay on staff from year to year, but it is not uncommon for assistant coaches to be hired or fired without the head coach’s input.

Front office personnel

do not get rings

General manager

The general manager (GM) is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the team. They are in charge of the roster, scouting, and player development. A GM is also responsible for hiring and firing the team’s head coach and other staff members.

The GM may also have a role in negotiating player contracts and managing the team’s salary cap. In some cases, the GM may also be responsible for ownership relations, marketing, and ticket sales.

Team president

The team president is the person in charge of the entire basketball operation and answers only to the owner of the franchise. He or she is responsible for putting together a championship-caliber team, both on and off the court. This includes hiring the head coach, general manager, and other front office personnel, as well as scouting and drafting players. The team president is also responsible for the business side of the organization, such as setting ticket prices and managing arena operations.

In some cases, the team president is also the general manager. This is usually the case with smaller market teams or teams that are struggling financially. The GM position is a much more hands-on role, whereas the president is more concerned with big-picture issues.

The team president is usually a former player or coach who has a deep understanding of the game and how to build a winning team. Some notable team presidents include Michael Jordan (Charlotte Hornets), Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers), and Larry Bird (Indiana Pacers).


The owner of an NBA team is the one who has the final say in all personnel decisions, and it is ultimately their responsibility to put together a team that can win an NBA Championship. While it is rare for an owner to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their team, they are the ones who will ultimately be held accountable for the team’s success or failure.

As such, owners are typically the ones who receive an NBA Championship ring. This is because they are the ones who have invested the most time, money, and resources into building a championship-caliber team. While players and coaches may come and go, owners are usually the constant figurehead of an NBA franchise.

Broadcast and support staff

Players who are on the active roster of an NBA team during the playoffs are eligible to receive a championship ring. In addition, the team’s owner, head coach, and general manager also receive rings. Support staff such as the team’s trainers and strength & conditioning coaches are also given rings.

Play-by-play and color commentators

The play-by-play announcer (PBP) calls the game as it happens, describing each play, while the color commentator (or analyst) provides expert commentary and analysis of the game and strategies. Some announcers may also provide sideline reporting.

sideline reporters

The sideline reporters, who also are called field reporters, are the ones who conduct interviews with the coaches and players during the game. They also report on any injuries that occur during the game. For example, Doris Burke is a sideline reporter for ESPN.

studio hosts and analysts

studio hosts and analysts who appear on NBA TV and ESPN during the regular season and playoffs are not eligible to receive a ring. The same goes for pregame, halftime, and postgame show personalities on ABC and TNT. That said, some of these personalities have been known to receive something called a “championship gift” from their colleagues

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