Who Has the Best Stats in NBA History?

Check out this blog post to find out which NBA players have the best stats in NBA history.


In looking at the greatest players in NBA history, their legacies are not only about what they accomplished on the court, but also about how they changed the game. These players not only had great stats, but also inspired other players to change their style of play. Here are some of the best statistical seasons in NBA history.

Best Player Ever

There is always a great deal of debate among basketball fans as to who is the best player ever. Some people argue that it is Michael Jordan, while others say that it is LeBron James. The truth is that there is no one definitive answer to this question. However, there are certain factors that can be considered in order to make a determination.

When looking at the question of who has the best stats in NBA history, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, it is important to look at the player’s individual statistics. This includes their points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game, and so on. Additionally, it can be helpful to look at the player’s team’s success while they were on the court. For example, how many championships did they win?

When taking all of these factors into consideration, it is clear that there are a few players who stand out above the rest. Michael Jordan is widely considered to be the best player ever, due to his incredible individual statistics and his team’s success while he was on the court. LeBron James is also considered to be one of the best players ever, although he has not yet achieved the same level of success as Jordan. Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell are also often mentioned as being among the best players in NBA history.

Best Season Ever

In the history of the NBA, there have been many great players and many great seasons. But who has had the best season ever?

There are a few players who stand out as having had the best season ever. One of these players is Michael Jordan, who is widely considered to be the greatest player of all time. In the 1987-88 season, Jordan averaged an astonishing 35.0 points per game, which is the fourth highest single-season average in NBA history. He also won the league MVP award that year.

Another player who had an amazing season was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In the 1971-72 season, Abdul-Jabbar averaged an incredible 38.3 points per game, which is still the NBA record for highest single-season scoring average. He also won the league MVP award that year.

So, who has had the best season ever in the NBA? It is hard to say for sure. But it is clear that there have been some truly great seasons throughout NBA history.

Best Game Ever

In the history of the NBA, there have been some incredible individual performances. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best statistical games ever recorded.

One of the most impressive games ever was by Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a single game against the New York Knicks in 1962. This performance is made even more impressive by the fact that Chamberlain also had 25 rebounds in that game.

Another player with an incredible game is Oscar Robertson, who had a triple-double in 1961 against the Detroit Pistons. In that game, Robertson had 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. This was the first triple-double ever recorded in an NBA game.

Kobe Bryant also had an amazing game in 2006 when he scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. This is the second highest scoring total in a single game in NBA history.

These are just a few of the best statistical games in NBA history. There have been many other great performances as well, but these are some of the most impressive.


In conclusion, there are many great players in NBA history, but only a handful can lay claim to being the best ever. Among those players, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan stand out as the clear choices for the title of best player in NBA history. These three men have achieved everything that can be achieved in basketball, and they have done so with style and grace. If you are looking for someone to model your game after, these are the three players you should look up to.

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