Who Has the Most Picks in the NFL?

The NFL Draft is just around the corner, and we all know that the more picks a team has, the better their chances are of finding hidden gems. So, who has the most picks in the NFL draft this year?


In the National Football League (NFL), the most picks in a career is held by cornerback Darrell Green, who had 38 interceptions during his 20 seasons with the Washington Redskins. Active since 2019, free safety Xavier Woods currently ranks second among active players with 14 interceptions. The active leader among linebackers is linebacker Von Miller, with 17 interceptions.

The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is an annual event in which the 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) select eligible college football players. It is held seven to ten days after the end of the regular season, usually in May. The draft consists of seven rounds and has been held every year since 1936.

The NFL Draft Process

The National Football League Draft is an annual event in which the 32 teams in the league select new players for their rosters. The draft order is determined by each team’s record in the previous season, with the worst team picking first and the best team picking last.

The draft process typically lasts seven rounds, with each team making one pick per round. However, teams are allowed to trade draft picks with each other, so the order of picks can change during the course of the draft.

Once a team has made a selection, that player is considered to be “drafted” by that team and can no longer be selected by any other team. Players who are not drafted are said to be “undrafted free agents” and can sign with any team they choose.

The NFL Draft is a major event on the NFL calendar, and it is often televised live. It is also a major event for fans of college football, as many of the top players in the country will be selected in the draft.

The NFL Draft Order

The NFL Draft order is the order in which NFL teams select players in the NFL Draft. The first round of the draft is usually held in April, while the later rounds are held in May or June. The order of selection is determined by a number of factors, including the team’s win-loss record from the previous season, their strength of schedule, and any trades that have been made.

The Most Picks in the NFL

As of right now, the most picks in the NFL belongs to the Miami Dolphins with 11. The New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears all follow behind with 10 picks each.

The Most Picks in the NFL Draft

Since the NFL draft began in 1936, there have been 1,244 total picks made. Of those 1,244 picks, 22 have been made by quarterbacks. That means that quarterbacks make up just 1.8% of the total number of picks made in the NFL draft. The position with the most picks is cornerback, with 564 total picks (45.2% of all picks).

The player with the most picks in the NFL draft is former University of Miami cornerback Phillip Buchanon, who was drafted 17th overall by the Oakland Raiders in 2002. Buchanon has 32 career interceptions and 12 touchdowns. He last played for the Detroit Lions in 2013.

The Most Picks in the NFL Free Agency

The 2020 NFL free agency period is off to a hectic start. Among the flurry of moves, the Philadelphia Eagles have made two trades that will send shockwaves through the league. The first saw them acquiring Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a 2020 fifth-round pick.

The second was an even more surprising move, as they sent quarterback Super Bowl 52 MVP Nick Foles to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a 2020 fourth-round pick. These trades address needs for both teams and will have a ripple effect throughout the league. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers from these two blockbuster trades.


After analyzing the data, we can conclude that the New England Patriots have the most picks in the NFL, with a total of 61 picks. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in second place with a total of 58 picks.

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