Who Is The Cover Athlete For Nba 2K22?

The NBA 2K22 cover athlete has not yet been announced, but there are plenty of rumors swirling about who it could be. Stay up to date on the latest cover athlete rumors and predictions with our blog post.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a men’s professional basketball league in North America, composed of 30 teams (29 in the United States and 1 in Canada). It is widely considered to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. The NBA is an active member of USA Basketball (USAB), which is recognized by FIBA (also known as the International Basketball Federation) as the national governing body for basketball in the United States.

What is NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 is an upcoming basketball video game that is the 23rd installment of the NBA 2K series. This year’s game will feature Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving as the cover athlete.

2K Games has not yet announced a release date for NBA 2K22, but it is expected to launch sometime in September 2021 for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In addition to Kyrie Irving, other NBA players who have been featured on the cover of NBA 2K include LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Dwyane Wade.

Who is the cover athlete for NBA 2K22?

The cover athlete for NBA 2K22 has not yet been announced.

Why was the cover athlete chosen for NBA 2K22?

The cover athlete for NBA 2K22 was chosen because of their outstanding performance in the NBA. They were also chosen because they are a role model for young athletes.

What does this mean for the future of NBA 2K?

There is no denying that Lebron James is one of the most popular athletes in the world. His name carries a lot of weight, which is why it was such a big deal when it was announced that he would be the cover athlete for NBA 2K22. This is a huge coup for the game, as it cements its place as the premier basketball game on the market.

What does this mean for the future of NBA 2K? It means that the series is in good hands. Having LeBron on the cover will help to attract new players to the game and keep existing fans happy. It also shows that 2K is willing to go above and beyond to get the best possible cover athletes for their games. This bodes well for the future of the series, as 2K is likely to continue to release high-quality games that fans will love.


The answer to this question is still up in the air, as the game has not been officially announced yet. However, there are some rumors floating around about who could potentially be the cover athlete. Some of the names being tossed around include Zion Williamson, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard. Only time will tell who will ultimately be gracing the cover of NBA 2K22.

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