Who Is The Face Of WWE Right Now?

The WWE is always changing, and with that comes new faces to represent the company. Who is the face of WWE right now?

WWE’s current roster

WWE is always looking for the next top star. Throughout its history, WWE has had many superstars that have captured the imagination of the WWE Universe. But who is the face of WWE right now?

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler. Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, where he won a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes team. After being cut from the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL), he began training for a career in professional wrestling, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Peter Maivia and his father Rocky Johnson, from whom he was estranged for several years until 2002. Initially billed as “Rocky Maivia”, he gained mainstream fame as “The Rock” after joining WWE in 1996. Throughout his WWE career, The Rock has held many championships, including the WWE Championship six times and the WCW/World Championship twice. He has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for WWE, including three WrestleManias (WrestleMania XVII, X8, and 29) and three consecutive Survivor Series events (1998–2000).

In 2000, he left WWE to pursue an acting career full-time. His films running gross have totalled $3.5 billion worldwide. Box Office Mojo classifies him as one of the top 10 box office stars of all time as of 2019. He is also considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers. In 2019, he was inducted into both the WWE Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame

John Cena

John Cena is an American professional wrestler, actor, and rapper. He is currently signed to WWE and is considered to be one of the biggest stars in the company. He has won numerous championships, including the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. He has also starred in a number of films, most notably The Marine and 12 Rounds.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist, amateur wrestler, and professional American football player. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. He is a former Universal Champion, a four-time WWE Champion, a two-time NCAA Heavyweight Champion, and an NCAA Divison I All-American.

WWE’s future

With the recent news of Roman Reigns stepping away from WWE due to his battle with Leukemia, the question on a lot of people’s minds is who is the face of WWE right now? This is a valid question considering that Reigns was one of, if not the, most popular WWE Superstars. So, who takes his place?

Roman Reigns

At just 36 years old, Roman Reigns is already considered one of the biggest stars in WWE history. He’s a four-time world champion, and he’s headlining WrestleMania for the fifth time this year. But despite all his success, Reigns still isn’t the face of WWE.

That honor still belongs to John Cena, who has been the face of WWE for over a decade now. Cena is the most popular wrestler in the world, and he’s appeared in more main event matches than anyone else in WWE history. He’s also a 16-time world champion, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

So why isn’t Reigns the face of WWE? It could be because he’s not as charismatic as Cena, or because he doesn’t have the same connection with the fans. Or it could be because WWE doesn’t want to push him as the top guy just yet.

Whatever the reason, Reigns is still one of the biggest stars in WWE, and he’s sure to have a long career ahead of him.

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is an American professional wrestler and former strongman. Strowman is signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand.

Braun Strowman is one of WWE’s fastest rising stars and is quickly becoming the face of the company. He has all the makings of a top star with his size, strength, charisma, and athleticism. Strowman is a two-time former Raw Tag Team Champion and is currently one of the top contenders for the Universal Championship.

Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is a former two-time WWE Champion, having held the title in 2010 and 2020. He is also a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time United States Champion. He was the first Scottish-born wrestler to win the WWE Championship.

McIntyre began training in wrestling at the age of fifteen in Glasgow, Scotland before moving to Canada to further his career. In 2007, he signed with WWE and was assigned to their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), before being promoted to WWE’s main television programs Raw and SmackDown in 2009. After being drafted as part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft, McIntyre became the inaugural NXT Champion. In 2010, he won the King of the Ring tournament before going on to win his first WWE Championship that December, becoming the youngest champion in history at twenty-three years old. After losing the title to Edge in 2011, McIntyre was released from WWE later that year.

He spent four years competing on the independent circuit, including a stint with Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA), before returning to WWE in April 2017 as part of that year’s Superstar Shake-up. Over the next few years, he became a one-time Intercontinental Champion and won several other championships on Raw and SmackDown. In 2020 at WrestleMania 36, McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar to win his second WWE Championship; with this victory he also became only the second man (after “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) to have won both the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania main events in their career.

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