Who Played in the NFL Yesterday?

Get yesterday’s NFL scores, standings, and stats.

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Who Played in the NFL Yesterday?


In yesterday’s NFL action, there were several intriguing match-ups. The New England Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens in a battle of AFC powerhouses. The Miami Dolphins faced off against the Buffalo Bills in an AFC East divisional rivalry. In the NFC, the Green Bay Packers played the Minnesota Vikings in a crucial divisional game.

List of NFL Players

These are the NFL players that were active in yesterday’s games. This list includes their names, teams, and positions.


There were eight quarterbacks who played in the NFL yesterday. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

-AJ McCarron
-Andrew Luck
-Baker Mayfield
-Dak Prescott
-Derek Carr
-Jimmy Garoppolo
-Jared Goff
-Josh Allen

Running Backs

There are so many great running backs in the NFL today. Here is a list of some of the best:

1.Ezekiel Elliott
2.Le’Veon Bell
3.Todd Gurley
4.Melvin Gordon
5.Leonard Fournette

Wide Receivers

Wide receivers are the players on an American football team who line up at either the split end, flanker, or slot positions. The main roles of a wide receiver are to catch passes from the quarterback and to act as a decoy or distract defenders.

Tight Ends

Yesterday’s games featured some of the NFL’s best tight ends. The list below includes some of the top performers from yesterday’s games.

-Zach Ertz: 8 receptions, 93 yards, 1 touchdown
-Evan Engram: 6 receptions, 113 yards, 1 touchdown
-Travis Kelce: 5 receptions, 100 yards
-Jared Cook: 3 receptions, 74 yards, 1 touchdown

Offensive Linemen

Offensive linemen are the big guys in the trenches who are responsible for protecting the quarterback and opening up running lanes for the running backs. They are typically divided into two groups: the interior offensive line (guards and centers) and the offensive tackles. Some of the best offensive linemen in NFL history include Anthony Muñoz, Bruce Matthews, Larry Allen, and John Hannah.

Defensive Linemen

There many different types of NFL players, but one important and popular position is the defensive linemen. These are the players responsible for tackling the opposing team’s offensive players and stopping them from getting to the quarterback or making a run.

Defensive linemen typically line up in a “three point stance”, meaning that they place their hand on the ground to help them get a quick start when the play begins. They also need to be very strong and fast in order to be successful at this position.

Some of the most famous defensive linemen in NFL history include “Mean” Joe Greene, Reggie White, and Bruce Smith. These are just a few of the many great players who have made a name for themselves as defensive linemen.


There were many linebackers who played in the NFL yesterday. Some of them were:

-Luke Kuechly
-Shaquil Barrett
-Kwon Alexander
-Darius Leonard
-Leighton Vander Esch

Defensive Backs

The following is a list of defensive backs who played in the National Football League yesterday.

-Darren Woodson
-Tyrone Williams
-Emmitt Thomas
-Rod Woodson
-Ken Riley


The bottom line is that there is no one answer to the question of who played in the NFL yesterday. Depending on your favorite team and where you live, you may have different answer.

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