Who Plays Sunday Night NFL Tonight?

The Sunday Night NFL game for tonight has yet to be determined, but we will update this blog as soon as we know who is playing!


The National Football League (NFL) is America’s top professional football league. Each year, the NFL hosts a regular season consisting of 16 weeks of play. During each week of the NFL regular season, one game is typically designated as the “Sunday Night Football” game.

The Sunday Night Football game typically features two of the best teams in the league playing each other. Because of this, the Sunday Night Football game is often considered to be the most important and highly-anticipated NFL game of the week.

With that said, many NFL fans often wonder “Who plays Sunday Night NFL tonight?” In order to help answer that question, we’ve put together this guide.

Sunday Night Football

Tonight, the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens in what promises to be an exciting game. The Patriots are coming off a huge win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the Ravens are hoping to rebound from a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. This should be a great game between two evenly matched teams.

NBC Sunday Night Football

NBC Sunday Night Football is a weekly television broadcast of National Football League (NFL) games on NBC in the United States. It began airing on August 6, 2006 with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, which opened that year’s preseason. NBC took over the rights to Sunday prime time games from ESPN, which carried the broadcasts from 1987 to 2005.

ESPN Sunday Night Football

ESPN Sunday Night Football is a live television broadcast of the National Football League on ESPN. The game typically airs on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET during the NFL’s regular season. The broadcast was created as a replacement for ABC’s Monday Night Football, which was moved to ESPN in 2006.

Monday Night Football

This evening, the New England Patriots will take on the Baltimore Ravens in what promises to be a great game. The Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL, and the Ravens are right up there as well. This game will be a great way to start off the week.

ESPN Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is a weekly telecast of a National Football League (NFL) game on ESPN. It usually features one of the league’s better match-ups and is often decides who will play in the Super Bowl.


The Sunday Night Football game for week 10 of the NFL season features the Green Bay Packers vs. the New England Patriots. This should be a great game, as both teams are among the best in the league. The Packers are led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, while the Patriots have a potent offense led by Tom Brady.

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