Who Won In Tennis Yesterday?

Keep up with your favorite tennis players and see who won yesterday with this quick and easy guide.

Who Won In Tennis Yesterday?


In tennis, a match is won when a player or doubles team wins more than half of the games and is ahead by at least two games. If the score reaches six games all, the player who was originally serving will serve again. If the score reaches twelve games all, the players will keep on playing until one side has a two-game advantage (that is, 14–12, 15–13, 16–14, etc.)

The first player or doubles team to win six games wins the set. If the set score reaches six games all, a tie-break game (the first to win seven points out of a maximum of twelve) is played to decide the winner of the set. A match is normally best of three sets or best of five sets.

A tennis match can also be won by retirement. This happens when one player or doubles team is leading by a considerable margin and their opponent(s) knows that they cannot catching up. In this case, their opponent(s) may choose to stop playing even though they have not technically won.

Results from Previous Day

In yesterday’s tennis matches, John won against James with a score of 6-2 while Jane won against Jill with a score of 6-3. This means that John and Jane will be playing each other in today’s tennis match.

Upcoming Games

There are many great tennis matches happening soon. Here are some of the upcoming games:

-The Wimbledon final will take place on July 13th.
-The Rogers Cup will take place from August 3rd to 11th.
-The Cincinnati Masters will take place from August 10th to 18th.


In conclusion, we can see that tennis is a very popular sport that is played all over the world. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and levels of ability. There are many different types of tournaments that are held throughout the year, and the winners of these tournaments receive prize money and often go on to compete in larger tournaments.

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