Who Won The Cubs Baseball Game Today?

The Cubs won the game today! It was a great game and they deserved the win.


The Cubs have been one of baseball’s most storied franchises, winning two World Series titles and producing some of the game’s greatest players. Today, the team is once again one of the league’s best, and their fans are some of the most passionate in all of baseball. So, who won the Cubs baseball game today?

The game

The teams

The game today was between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. The Cubs are currently in first place in the National League Central division, while the Tigers are in last place in the American League Central division.

The players

The game – (Who Won The Cubs Baseball Game Today?)
The teams – (The Cubs and their opponent)
The pitchers – (The two starting pitchers)
The hitters – (The batters for both teams)

The fans

The fans are the real winners of any baseball game. They are the ones who support their team through thick and thin, win or lose. And they are the ones who keep coming back, game after game. So, when it comes to who won the Cubs baseball game today, it’s safe to say that the fans are the true winners.

The outcome

Today’s game was a nail-biter until the very end. The Cubs were down by two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, but they managed to pull ahead and win the game by a score of 3-2.

The score

The Cubs won the game today with a score of 9-3.

The highlights

Inning by inning scoring summary

The reaction

It was a close game, but the Cubs just couldn’t pull it off. The score was 3-2, with the Cubs losing by just one run.

The fans were pretty upset, but they’re still hopeful that their team will make it to the playoffs. They’re also excited for next season, when they’ll have a chance to make up for this loss.


The Chicago Cubs won the game today against the Cincinnati Reds with a score of 7-4. Starter Jose Quintana pitched six innings, giving up four runs on eight hits while striking out four and walking two. The Cubs’ bullpen then held the Reds scoreless for three innings to seal the victory. Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Willson Contreras all homered for the Cubs in the win.

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