Why Isn’t Nate Burleson On NFL Today?

Nate Burleson was a popular analyst on NFL Today, but he’s no longer with the show. Why did he leave, and will he be back?

Nate Burleson’s Career

Nate Burleson was a former NFL wide receiver who played for the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Detroit Lions. He is currently an NFL analyst on Good Morning Football, but some fans are wondering why he isn’t on NFL Today. Let’s take a look at Nate Burleson’s career and see why he isn’t on NFL Today.

NFL career

Nate Burleson played 11 seasons in the NFL, most notably with the Minnesota Vikings from 2006 to 2009, when he earned a reputation as one of the league’s most dependable and consistent wide receivers. He also played for the Detroit Lions (2010-2013) and Cleveland Browns (2014). After his playing career ended, Burleson transitioned into a successful broadcasting career, serving as an analyst on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” from 2015 to 2018. He currently works as a studio analyst on CBS Sports’ “The NFL Today.”

Broadcasting career

Nate Burleson is currently a co-host of Good Morning Football on NFL Network. He joined the show in 2015. Prior to joining NFL Network, Burleson was a co-host of NFL Total Access. He has also worked as an analyst for CBS Sports’ NFL pre-game show, The NFL Today.

Why Nate Burleson isn’t on NFL Today

Nate Burleson was a great addition to NFL Today when he was first brought on, but now it seems like he’s been absent for quite a while. Some fans are wondering why this is. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons.

Lack of experience

Nate Burleson is a former NFL wide receiver who played for the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, and Cleveland Browns. He retired from the NFL in 2015 after 11 seasons. Burleson then became an NFL analyst for CBS Sports.

In 2019, Burleson was replace on NFL Today by Ryan Clark. It is rumored that the reason Burleson is no longer on NFL Today is because he lacked the experience that Clark has. Clark is a former NFL safety who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins. He retired in 2015 after 13 seasons.

Lack of name recognition

Nate Burleson may not be a household name, but he’s been a rising star in the NFL broadcasting world.

The former NFL wide receiver has been working as an analyst for NFL Network since 2014, and has been widely praised for his work. But despite his strong credentials, Burleson has not been able to land a spot on CBS’ “NFL Today” pregame show.

There are a few possible reasons for this. One is that Burleson simply doesn’t have the same name recognition as some of the other analysts on the show, like Bill Cowher or Phil Simms.

Another possibility is that CBS may not want to add another African American analyst to its already diverse cast. “NFL Today” currently features two black analysts (James Brown and Bart Scott) and one Hispanic analyst (Tony Gonzalez).

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Nate Burleson is deserving of a spot on “NFL Today.” He brings a sharp insight and a fresh perspective to the pregame show, and would be a welcome addition to the CBS broadcast team.

Poor on-air chemistry

It’s been a little over a year since Nate Burleson last graced our TV screens on NFL Today, and fans are still wondering why the endearing analyst isn’t on the show anymore. The answer, according to those in the know, is that there was just never any real on-air chemistry between Burleson and the rest of the cast.

Burleson joined NFL Today in 2014, replacing Shannon Sharpe as one of the show’s primary analysts. But while Sharpe had been a mainstay on the show for years and had great chemistry with host James Brown, Burleson never quite fit in. According to one source, there was “just no clicking” between Burleson and the rest of the cast, which made for awkward on-air moments.

Eventually, the decision was made to let Burleson go, and he hasn’t been back since. While he’s still employed by CBS as a NFL analyst, he now does his work behind the scenes as a studio analyst for Thursday Night Football.

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