Will WWE 2K22 Be On PS5?

We take a look at the possibility of WWE 2K22 being released on the PlayStation 5 console.

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is a rumored professional wrestling video game that is speculated to be in development by 2K Games. The game is said to be a sequel to WWE 2K19 and is scheduled to be published by 2K Sports. There is no official announcement made by the company regarding the game, but it is speculated to be released in late 2021.


At this point, it’s anyone’s guess whether WWE 2K22 will be released on PS5. There has been no official word from WWE or 2K Games about the game’s next-gen plans. However, there are a few reasons to believe that WWE 2K22 could come to PS5.

For one, the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 games, so it’s possible that WWE 2K22 could simply be released for the PS4 and be playable on PS5. This would be the easiest way for 2K Games to transition the WWE 2K series to next-gen consoles.

It’s also worth noting that the PS5 is set to launch in November 2020, which is just a few months after WWE 2K22 is scheduled to be released. This timing could work out well for 2K Games if they do decide to release WWE 2K22 on PS5.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed at this point and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with WWE 2K22 and next-gen consoles.

Xbox Series X

2K Games has not yet announced whether WWE 2K22 will be coming to the Xbox Series X, but given that the game is set to be released in October 2021, it seems likely that the game will be available on the next-gen console. WWE 2K21 was released on the Xbox Series X|S on November 10th, 2020, so it stands to reason that WWE 2K22 will also be compatible with the Series X.

WWE 2K22 Release Date

We are less than a year away from the release of the Playstation 5, and fans are already wondering what games will be available for the new console. One of the most popular games series is WWE 2K, and fans are wondering if WWE 2K22 will be on PS5. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Fall 2021

WWE 2K22 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the twenty-third installment in the WWE 2K series, serving as the follow-up to WWE 2K21.

The game will be released in Fall 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

WWE 2K22 Roster

The WWE 2K22 release date is October 5, 2021, and it will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The game will feature a new game engine and photo-realistic graphics. The game will also have a large roster of WWE and NXT superstars.


2K has announced the first set of playable characters in WWE 2K22, and the lineup includes Roman Reigns, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, Rhea Ripley, “The Man” Becky Lynch, Drew McIntyre, and Charlotte Flair. This roster is available on all platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


As of right now, the only thing that has been said about the WWE 2k22 Roster is that it will feature current-gen superstars. This leaves out a lot of WWE’s Legends, which is a bummer for fans of those who have retired from in-ring action. The silver lining is that WWE 2k22 will supposedly have the biggest roster to date for a WWE game. In addition to that, it has also been said that the game will have more customization options than any other WWE game before it.

WWE 2K22 Gameplay

WWE 2K22 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game that is currently in development by Visual Concepts and Yukes. The game is set to be published by 2K Sports and is currently scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in October 2021.

New Features

WWE 2K22 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the twenty-third installment in the WWE 2K series, as well as being the first game in the series to be developed by Visual Concepts after Yuke’s Creative Products relinquished development duties for the series. The game was originally scheduled to be released on October 5, 2021, but was later delayed to an unknown date.

The game will introduce a new game mode called ” Buzzin’ “. In this mode, players will take on the roles of bees and collect pollen from flowers in order to make honey. The mode will also feature a new “HiveMind” mechanic, which will allow players to control multiple bees at once in order to complete objectives.

In addition, WWE 2K22 will also feature a number of gameplay changes and improvements. These include an updated match type system, new animations and grappling systems, an improved create-a-wrestler mode, and more.

WWE 2K22 Price

WWE 2K22 will be the first game in the WWE 2K series to be released on the PlayStation 5. The game is set to be released on November 2, 2021. The game will be available for $59.99.


No matter what console you plan on playing WWE 2k22 on, the game will cost $59.99. There has been no word on any special editions or bundles for the game as of yet.


WWE 2K22 will be the sixth installment of the WWE 2K series, a professional wrestling video game franchise based on the American professional wrestling promotion WWE.

The Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K22 will include the following:
-Access to WWE 2K22 four (4) days early
-Playable AJ Styles 113 entrance and t-shirt bundle
-Playable Rey Mysterio “619” entrance and hoodie bundle
-MyPLAYER Kickstart boost
-30,000 Virtual Currency
-20 MyCAREER Skill Boosts
-15 MyTEAM Tokens
*Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Early Access only. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Early Access coupled with current-gen versions included with purchase.

Collector’s Edition

WWE 2K22 will have a collector’s edition and it will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The price has not been announced yet.

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