How Many Innings In College Baseball World Series?

How Many Innings In College Baseball World Series? The answer may surprise you.


The College World Series is an elimination tournament played each June by the top college baseball teams in the United States. The tournament field consists of eight teams, with each team playing a double-elimination schedule. The winner of the College World Series is determined by a best-of-three championship series.

In previous years, the championship series was played over a span of four days, with two games being played on days one and two, and if necessary, a third game on day four. However, beginning in 2019, the College World Series will use a new format in which the first two games of the championship series will be played on back-to-back days, followed by an off day, and then if necessary, a third game on day four. This new format will help to ensure that the College World Series is completed within its scheduled eight-day window.

The length of each game in the College World Series is nine innings. However, if a team is leading by 10 or more runs after seven innings (six innings if the home team is ahead), then the game will end early under the mercy rule. In addition, if a game is tied after nine innings, it will be decided by extra innings. If a team scores in the bottom of any inning during extra innings, then that team will automatically win the game.

How Many Innings In College Baseball World Series?

The College Baseball World Series is a baseball tournament held annually. The tournament format is double-elimination. The teams that lose in the first round play in the losers’ bracket. The winner of the losers’ bracket then plays the team that won in the first round. The winner of the second round then goes on to play in the championship game.

7 Innings

According to NCAA rules, a college baseball game consists of seven innings. However, if the game is tied after seven innings, it will continue until one team has scored more runs than the other in extra innings. The maximum number of innings that can be played in a college baseball game is 12.

9 Innings

Nine innings is the standard length of a baseball game. It has been so since baseball was first created in the 1870s, and it remains in effect today in both Major League Baseball (MLB) and college baseball. There are some exceptions, however. In MLB, if a game is tied after nine innings, it may go into extra innings to determine a winner. In college baseball, there is no such thing as extra innings; the game simply ends in a tie if it is still tied after nine innings.


In conclusion, the number of innings in a College World Series game is variable and can depend on a number of factors. However, the average game tends to last between 9 and 10 innings.

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